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Former Sales and Marketing Coordinator

(left in 2013)

Alaska Sea Grant role

Conceive and implement marketing plans, strategies, and promotional tactics for ASG educational products. Evaluate effectiveness of marketing efforts. Represent ASG and market educational products at events such as fishing industry trade shows, home school fairs, and library, museum/aquarium, and bookseller conferences. Develop direct mail campaigns, build and maintain product promotions via the Internet, and make sales calls. Oversee distribution center that processes more than 25,000 ASG items annually—including mailing, invoicing, and customer service—and supervise distribution assistant. Joined Alaska Sea Grant in January 2001.



Market ASG publications and videos to a wide audience and provide good customer service. Skills in marketing marine educational materials through direct and electronic mail, social media, phone calls, and trade shows. Responsible for creation of promotional materials and direct mail pieces, including publication layout and production.

Most rewarding contributions

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