Crabs in Cold Water Regions: Biology, Management, and Economics

Crabs in Cold Water Regions: Biology, Management, and Economics

A.J. Paul, E.G. Dawe, R. Elner, G.S. Jamieson, G.H. Kruse, R.S. Otto, B. Sainte-Marie, T.C. Shirley, and D. Woodby (editors)

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The proceedings of the symposium "Crabs in Cold Water Regions," held in January 2001 in Anchorage, Alaska, presents 53 papers on recent research advances. This book brings researchers and managers up to date on biology, distribution, life history, ecology, and recruitment of cold water crabs. Length-based modeling techniques provide better insights into crab population dynamics. Survey and fishery data now span 20–30 years, thus advancing our understanding of decade-long fluctuations of longer-lived species, and helping to uncover relationships with the ecosystem. Fishery management is also evolving with a focus on habitat protection, establishment of marine refugia, and increased emphasis on conservation in the face of global overfishing concerns. While the past decade has seen significant research progress on crabs from the world's cold water regions, fisheries continue to be developed that target species whose biology needs further study.

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“The layout, type, and copy editing are excellent and the cover is a striking graphic of crabs. . . .  The book is a bargain and should find its way to the bookshelves of libraries, scientists, managers, and students.” —Sandy Shumway, National Shellfisheries Association Quarterly Newsletter

“Thank you so much for sharing your excellent Sea Grant publication with me. It is not only a handsome addition to the book case, it is a storehouse of valuable information, which will serve the scientific community, myself included, well for years to come.”—P.M., Chair, Decapod Subcommittee, American Fisheries Society