The Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands: Region of Wonders

The Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands: Region of Wonders

Terry Johnson

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The Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands are wild, raw, bountiful—and virtually unknown to most people. This richly illustrated book unveils the mystery and wonder of the vast region, from the shores of Alaska, along the volcanic stretch of the Aleutian Islands, to the Russian coast.

Written by University of Alaska Fairbanks professor Terry Johnson, the engaging and authoritative text is accompanied by more than 450 color photos, drawings, and maps showing the region's people, villages, landforms, plants, and animals.

Johnson tells how the biological and physical worlds above and below the sea meld to form a complex and rich natural environment. He describes the intricacies of the marine food web and explains natural phenomena such as how the tiniest microscopic plankton feed the world's biggest animals, the great whales.

The book has color photographs of fish, birds, marine mammals, and shore-scapes by some of Alaska's top outdoor photographers. The kaleidoscopic colors of the submarine environment in the Aleutians is portrayed in rare pictures of kelp forests and sea creatures photographed by pioneering scientists who plunge into the frigid waters to explore these undersea jungles.

As for human culture and influences, Johnson covers highlights (and lowlights) of the region's history from early Russian exploration and exploitation and the awful hardships inflicted on Native peoples, through the U.S. purchase of Alaska, the international struggles of World War II and the Cold War, to present-day efforts to study, manage, and utilize the region's abundant but sometimes threatened natural resources.

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"Everything about the book is wonderful: the pictures, the maps, the text, the whole thing. What a wonderful story you have told. It’s written in such a way to make it interesting and understood by people of all walks of life, be they scientists, managers, politicians, fishermen, or average citizens."—E.D.A., Program Director for Fisheries, National Sea Grant College Program

"It is an excellent reference and is enjoyable to read. The graphics, pictures and text are very well done."—A.K., Operations Research Analyst, NMFS Alaska Region

"It is the perfect book for me to use on my expedition including the Aleutian Islands and the Pribilof Islands this summer."—A.B., volunteer, New England Aquarium, Concord, Massachusetts