Life on the Beach: Among Friends and Anemones

Life on the Beach: Among Friends and Anemones

Kurt Byers and Marilyn Sigman

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Join a teacher and her three teenage students as they go on a fun exploration of a rocky intertidal beach in Alaska. Together you'll learn all about the strange and wonderful critters that call these places home—like how the animals and seaweeds live in the tough above- and below-water world of extreme temperatures, pounding waves, and competition for food and living space. You'll learn what causes the tides, and see remarkable video footage of sea stars, sculpins, sea otters, limpets, chitons, crabs, anemones, sea cucumbers, sponges, seaweeds, shorebirds, and even a black bear, along with other denizens of Alaska's rocky intertidal ecosystem. You'll hear how Native Alaskans rely on animals and plants from the intertidal zone for food and how they avoid overharvesting. The program also provides advice on how to explore a rocky intertidal beach without doing a lot of damage to the resident organisms and habitat.

Anyone who does not know much about Alaska's rocky intertidal ecosystem will learn a lot from this video. It is perfect for teachers and natural history interpreters to show elementary-age kids, especially before going on a beachwalk field trip. A teacher guide to help with classroom activities accompanies the video.
Produced with the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies with additional funding from the Alaska Conservation Foundation. Video production is by Earthwise Media, with Alaska Sea Grant.

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