NOSB 2009 Competition Results

Photo gallery of competition

Overall standings (100 points possible)

Research project plus knowledge quiz

First Place

Bold and asterisk denotes team MVP. First- and second-place teams are awarded tuition waivers to their choice of either UAF or UAS. The first-place team's expenses will be paid to travel to Washington, D.C., in April to compete in the NOSB final competition.

Juneau-Douglas High School Naughty Nautilli (92.7 points)

Kayla Harrison
Stephen Kubota
Jacob Pernula
Molly Emerson*
Tyler Houseweart
Coach: Ben Carney

Second Place

Juneau-Douglas High School – Thunder Mountain High School Coo Coo for Coccolithophores (84.5 points)

Laurel Stark
Ross Douglas*
Thomas Emerson
Carly Casipit
Seth Brickey-Smith
Coach: Jake Jacoby

Third Place

Cordova High School – Prince William Sound Science Center Visceral Mass (81.5 points)

Ian Americus
Trae Lohse
Drew Lindow*
Grafton Schikora
Craig Bailer
Coach: Lindsay Butters

Fourth Place

South Anchorage High School Team Starfish (76.8 points)

Laura Crews
Kate Backstrum
Petra Davis
Hailey Hosken*
Tara Brodie
Coach: Chris Backstrum

Fifth Place

Cordova High School – Prince William Sound Science Center New Fish on the Dock (71.2 points)

Darrin Gilman*
Shannon Lindow
Keegan Irving
James Allen
Christina Morrisette
Coach: Lindsay Butters

Please see 2009 Teams page for team members, MVPs and coaches for 6th through 15th place.

Sixth Place

Seward High School The Zin (68.8 points)

Seventh Place

Petersburg High School W.O.A.A. (62.3 points)

Eighth Place

Wasilla High School Omega Alpha Marine Wolverine Delta Squad (57.2 points)

Ninth Place

Kodiak High School SMART (56.2 points)

Tenth Place

Eagle River High School Oceanic V-Caps (51 points)

Eleventh Place

White Mountain High School Wolves (43.8 points)

Twelfth Place*

Eagle River High School Mobulidae (30 points)

Thirteenth Place**

Mountain Village Mountaineers Team A (23.7 points)

Fourteenth Place**

Mountain Village Mountaineers Team B (19.8 points)

Fifteenth Place*

South Anchorage High School Team Sea Urchin (10 points)

* did not participate in research project

** did not complete research paper in time to be included in scoring

Individual components

Research Project (overall score; 50 points possible)

Paper and oral presentation combined. The coach of the first-place research project team is awarded a $500 grant to purchase classroom resources, sponsored by Alaska Sea Grant; and a check for $100, sponsored by the Scientific Research Society, Sigma Xi.

Research Paper (25 points possible)

Oral Presentation (25 points possible)

Knowledge Quiz (50 points possible)

Mayor of Seward Perpetual Trophy

Awarded to the team with the most points scored in a single round. This team receives a perpetual trophy to display in their school until the next Tsunami Bowl competition.

Juneau-Douglas High School Naughty Nautilli with 134 points in round 4.

Sportsmanship award

Voted on by the quiz bowl judges. Students each received a copy of The Marine Biology Coloring Book

Juneau-Douglas High School Naughty Nautilli

Most Valuable Players

Selected from each team by coaches and/or team members. Each recipient was awarded $50 to use for education purposes. See overall first through fifth places above and 2009 Teams page for recipients.

Red Lantern Classroom Enhancement Award

Awarded to the teacher of the team that completes both the research and quiz portions of the Tsunami Bowl and finishes in last place; $1500 for classroom resources. This award is sponsored by the Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center, a partnership between the National Park Service and the Alaska SeaLife Center, dedicated to understanding and preserving Alaska's marine ecosystem.

Jack Adams, coach of White Mountain School Wolves

2009 NOSB Ocean Connection Art Show

The art teacher for the Best of Show artwork is awarded a $300 grant for classroom art supplies, sponsored by Alaska Sea Grant.

How the NOSB Competition Works

Want In on the Action?

November 15 is the deadline to indicate the intent to participate in each year's Alaska Regional NOSB. Contact science bowl coordinator Phyllis Shoemaker at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Seward Marine Center to find out how your high school can join in the fun, or check out our web pages for coaches and teams. The number of teams is limited, so act early for the best chance of participating in the next National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

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