Alaska's Steller Sea Lions: Boom to Bust—and Back?

Alaska's Steller Sea Lions: Boom to Bust—and Back?

Kate Wynne

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The May 2005 debut issue of Alaska Seas & Coasts sheds light on the somewhat confusing and controversial issue of Steller sea lion population fluctuations in Alaska. Color maps and photos help tell the story about population status, history, fishermen's perspective, killer whale predation, and how to report sightings of sea lions with tattoo markings. Wynne wrote the publication for a broad range of users, including the public, students, and fishermen. Researchers and managers will also appreciate the 12-page synopsis of the Alaska Steller sea lion status.

This is volume 1 of the Alaska Seas & Coasts series. To subscribe to Alaska Seas & Coasts, send your email address to Alaska Sea Grant publications.

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“The recent issue of Alaska Seas and Coasts on Alaska’s Steller sea lions is just one example of a superbly interesting and informative document. I hope you won’t mind my using it as a strong reference in my northern ocean-related lectures.”—Robert B. Abel, The Center for Marine Systems, Founding Director of the National Sea Grant Program

"I want to congratulate you and others who produced this newsletter. You provided a clear, balanced look at the issues surrounding Steller sea lions that will be useful to many throughout the state. As someone working to become a Sourdough, I also gained valuable information about the problems that faculty in our school are investigating."—D.W., Dean, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks