Steller Sea Lion Decline: Is It Food II

Steller Sea Lion Decline: Is It Food II

Douglas DeMaster and Shannon Atkinson (editors)

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Twenty-four scientists agree that the most likely cause of the moderate decline of western Alaska Steller sea lions in the 1990s is poor recruitment (reproduction and survival of young). Also implicated in the decline are nutritional stress due to environmental changes or competition with fisheries, predation by sharks and killer whales, and disease. In contrast, nutritional stress alone was the leading hypothesis for the cause of a steep decline in Steller sea lions in the 1980s. This book has 13 extended research abstracts, presented at the May 2001 workshop "Is it Food II." Attendees included the nation's leading authorities on Alaska's Steller sea lions.

The National Research Council has published the report Decline of the Steller Sea Lion in Alaska Waters: Untangling Food Webs and Fishing Nets. For more information visit

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"Good information with diverse points of view; overall good discussion on the population decline."—S.G., Alaska Department of Fish and Game