Invasive Species Facts

Current Aquatic Invasive Species in Alaska

Species That May Impact Alaska in the Future

How Aquatic Invasive Species Get to Alaska

Below are ways in which aquatic invasive species are introduced to Alaska ecosystems.



Bait buckets

Boats, ships, and floatplanes

Clothing, waders, and boots

Fishing gear

Shipments of live seafood

Marine debris

Changing climate and range expansions

Negative Impacts of Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species can cause a wide variety of ecological, economic, and health issues. They can:

How to Prevent the Introduction and Spread of Invasive Species

Be aware and vigilant. By understanding what invasive species are and how they get here, you can be the first line of defense against these invaders. Human actions are one of the biggest causes of invasive species. If you spend time on the water, especially in areas known to contain invasive species, make sure you inspect and clean any equipment and yourself for hitchhikers. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game strongly suggests that you follow these guidelines:

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