Carol Kaynor Photo by Todd Paris.

Carol Kaynor

Communications Specialist

Alaska Sea Grant role

Coordinate Alaska Sea Grant's communications efforts. Coordinate and develop Web presence, monitor online information and request content updates when needed. Encourage and monitor social networking efforts. Assist in coordination of database development and maintenance. Member of management team. Joined Alaska Sea Grant in September 1993.



Project coordination and management, editing, online and print publication production, report-writing, website design and usability, search engine optimization, working with database users and developers, and rescuing houseplants.

Selected awards and accomplishments

(shared with Publications Manager)

Carol mushing dogs Photo by Dave Partee.

What I do when not at Sea Grant

Train sled dogs and compete in local sprint races, and write about skijoring. Write poems and nonfiction stories. Began gardening in summer 2012. Took up run/walking at age 54, and enjoy competing in the Equinox Marathon. Married to Sea Grant communications designer Dave Partee.

Selected (nonwork) publications