Publishing Alaska Sea Grant–Sponsored Work

Federal requirements

According to congressional mandate, all researchers receiving federal funds from the NOAA Office of Sea Grant must publish research results and distribute them to as wide an audience as possible. The research results also must be reported to the federal government, which maintains a library of Sea Grant–funded publications at the University of Rhode Island.

Alaska Sea Grant–funded researchers are required to report their research annually and at the conclusion of the project. But in addition to knowing about the published research, we also need copies of all journal reprints, book chapters, proceedings contributions, and other reports.

The information provided below is designed to help our researchers fulfill federal requirements for distributing published work. Ensuring that all publications resulting from Alaska Sea Grant–funded research are properly distributed benefits our program—and thus our ability to fund future research projects—when the National Sea Grant Office reviews our biennial implementation plan, and when we undergo program reviews. If you have any questions about research reporting requirements or publication guidelines, please contact Alaska Sea Grant at

How to acknowledge Alaska Sea Grant

We suggest you use the following acknowledgment in all publications based on Sea Grant research:

This publication is the result of research sponsored by Alaska Sea Grant with funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Sea Grant, Department of Commerce, under grant no.____________________ (project no._____________________), and from the University of Alaska with funds appropriated by the state.

Following is a list of grant numbers since 1989. Use the grant number for the most recent year in which your Sea Grant research was supported:

2014–2018 NA14OAR4170079
2010–2014 NA10OAR4170097
2006–2010 NA06OAR4170013
2002–2006 NA 16RG2321
1998–2001 NA 86RG0050
1994–1997 NA 46RG0104
1989–1993 NA 90AA D SG066

Your project number is the number assigned to your project in the original institutional proposal (for example, R/16-45). If you don't know your number, please contact us.

Chapters in books and proceedings

If your Alaska Sea Grant–funded research results are published as book chapters, or in proceedings or other reports, please

Student theses

Students receiving Alaska Sea Grant stipends are required to submit PDF copies of their thesis or dissertation to Alaska Sea Grant.

The Alaska Sea Grant logo may be downloaded for use on student or researcher posters or in PowerPoint presentations.