Guidelines for Project Reporting

The National Sea Grant College Program and NOAA require us to have accurate and current information for all projects supported through the Alaska Sea Grant College Program. The National Sea Grant Office will not allow us to fund any new project by an investigator who has not submitted a progress or completion report for currently funded projects.

We also maintain a public online research project database. Excerpts from your project report may be published in this database.

Annual progress reports

Progress reports for the period covering February 1 to January 31 must be submitted by April 1st of each year. Alaska Sea Grant staff will contact each project's principal investigator several weeks prior to the report due date. PIs will be given a personal link to a secure website to update their project information. Please read Guidelines for Updating Your Project below for more information. If you have questions about this process, please contact Michele Frandsen.

Completion reports

At the completion of each project, a final report must be submitted describing that project's progress toward achieving stated objectives and identifying notable accomplishments, outcomes, products, and impacts over the entire period of the grant.

Post-completion reports

We realize that impacts and publications resulting from projects often appear after a completion report has been submitted. Please update your project whenever there are new impacts, publications, or when the student supported by the project graduates, has a new address, or has a new place of employment. If you need the link to update your project, please contact Michele Frandsen.

How to submit reports

To make it as easy as possible for you to submit reports, we have created an online update form. Each PI will be given a unique link to access the project update form for each individual project. If you misplace or do not receive the link, please contact Michele Frandsen.

The update form displays the information currently in our database for your project. The form includes instructions on how to enter or update accomplishments and impacts, add information on products or media coverage that have resulted from the project, and provide other information about your progress.

Please fill in or correct only the fields that need to be changed. When you have completed updating your project, click the "Submit" button. The report will be transmitted to Alaska Sea Grant staff, and we will update the database after reviewing your submission.

Guidelines for updating your project

Our online project summaries are public documents. Please keep in mind that the information you provide may be readily available to the public.

Please provide information on those topics relevant to your project. We have not provided update fields for Objectives, Rationale, Benefits, or Methodology in our update form because we assume they have not changed. If you need to update any of those fields, please use the comment box at the end of the form.

Each block on the form has a brief description of the kind of information we are looking for; below are further details for selected blocks. If you are uncertain about any of the questions, please contact Michele Frandsen for clarification.

Please don't forget to acknowledge Sea Grant in any published work resulting from this support. See Publishing Alaska Sea Grant–Sponsored Work for more information. You may also contact us for grant and project number. Our Alaska Sea Grant logo can be downloaded for use in posters and PowerPoint presentations when appropriate.


If you have any questions or concerns about updating your project information, please ask us! Contact Michele Frandsen by email or by phone, (907) 474-7088.