Resources for Outreach

COSEE Alaska resources for scientists

From 2009 to 2015, Alaska Sea Grant was a partner in the NSF–funded Alaska Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) with a goal of assisting researchers in outreach, particularly to realize the broader impacts of their research on society as required for NSF funding, and to provide resources for blending Western science and traditional Alaska Native knowledge. Resources for researchers that are particularly relevant to effective outreach in Alaska communities have been compiled on the COSEE Alaska website.

Outreach checklist for Alaska Sea Grant–funded projects

Alaska Sea Grant requests for proposals for research projects require an outreach plan which describes how regional or other stakeholders will benefit and/or engage in the project. Investigators are encouraged to consider an outreach checklist and the Alaska Sea Grant 2014–2017 Strategic Plan, particularly the Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development theme, in developing an outreach plan. Applicants needing assistance with any of these issues are encouraged to discuss potential partnerships with Marilyn Sigman, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Education Specialist.

Assistance with outreach

Developing outreach proposals and implementing outreach to Alaska coastal communities

Researchers are encouraged to consult Alaska Sea Grant staff for assistance in planning and implementing outreach to Alaska’s coastal communities. Alaska Sea Grant has resources for development and production of publications, videos, and other outreach or education products; coordination of meetings and workshops; release of information to news media; and development of websites. For outreach to K–12 teachers or students, consult Marilyn Sigman, marine education specialist, about effective strategies and the development and dissemination of educational resources.