2017 Alaska Tsunami Teams

20th annual Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl

See below for submitting corrections or changes. Number in parentheses reflects current and past years participation by coaches and students.

Tsunami Bowling for Soup

Cordova Jr./Sr. High School

  • Cori Pegau2
  • Marie Jamille Esguerra2
  • Ben Wray2
  • Olivia Carroll
  • Abi Allison

Lauren Bien,2 coach

Project: The Effects of Climate Change on Sockeye Salmon in Prince William Sound and the Copper River

Hooked on an ‘eeling

Homer High School

  • Landon Bunting2
  • Johanna Allen
  • Timber Davis
  • Jay Davis2
  • Cody Bond2

Leah Thon2 and Lauren Seaton,2 coaches

Project: Oyster Mariculture: Kachemack Bay Management Plan in Response to a Changing Climate

Get Nauti

Juneau-Douglas High School

  • Zoey Kriegmont3
  • Tomy Mesa
  • McLain Sidmore2
  • Siena Hanna3
  • Laurie Balstad2

Megan Behnke and Katy Nalven, coaches

Project: Potential Impacts to Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in Warming Waters of the Bering Sea and Possible Management Solutions


Juneau-Douglas High School

  • Dessa Gerger2
  • Grace Newman
  • Laurel Sheufelt
  • Momin Razzaque
  • Aaron Blust

Megan Behnke and Katy Nalven, coaches

Quiz only

Saber Toothed Salmon

Ketchikan High School

  • Ben Ranniger
  • Caity Pearson
  • Laura Sherrill
  • Ashley Young
  • Gabe Canfield

Julie Landwehr7 and Wayne Kinunen, coaches

Project: Monitoring Southeast Alaskan Pink Salmon in a Warming Ocean

The Punnipeds

Kodiak High School

  • Lars Bodnar4
  • Hanna Clary2
  • Naomi Daniher2
  • Matt Wald2
  • Olivia Winters2

Switgard Duesterloh9 and Jane Eisemann,7 coaches

Project: Steller Sea Lions: A Natural Ecosystem Management System


Mat-Su Career & Technical High School (Wasilla)

  • Lucas Arthur3
  • Jacob Cucinnello3
  • Sarah Montalbano2
  • Cade Johnstone3
  • Leah Wyzykowski2

Tim Lundt,9 coach

Project: Adverse Effects of Ocean Acidification on Alaskan King Crab Populations

The Little Cthulhus

Mat-Su Career & Technical High School (Wasilla)

  • Drake Ballais3
  • Hector Campbell3
  • Kyle Hasse2
  • Soneeta Vue3
  • Josh Bryant

Tim Lundt,9 coach

Project: An Analysis of the Repercusions Associated with Warming Oceans on Populations of Giant North Pacific Octopuses

Chickens of the Sea

Palmer High School

  • Faith Wixon2
  • Kimber McDowell3
  • Eva Venema
  • Steven Duncan
  • Jina Malone

Cheryl Williams,3 coach

Project: Effects of Ocean Warming on Littleneck Clams (Protothaca stamineais) in Alaska

Seizing Seals

Palmer High School

  • Kennedie Rogers
  • Ilse Spiropoulos
  • Raelynn Catron
  • Vanessa Johnson
  • Wade Keyes

Cheryl Williams,3 coach

Quiz only

Higher Porpoise

Petersburg High School

  • Helen Martin3
  • Anders Christensen2
  • Gabe Terresz2
  • Joseph Giesbrecht3
  • Henry Short
  • Brooklyn Bormer

Joni Johnson9 and Sunny Rice,9 coaches

Project: Effect of a Warming North Pacific Ocean on LeConte Glacier

Eliimaq Maklak

Scammon Bay School

  • Tom Tomaganuk
  • Florence Cholok2
  • Rhea Kaganak
  • Milena Kaganak
  • Luther Walker

Mary Cook3 and Allison Whitaker,2 coaches

Project: Impact of a Warming Pacific on Ice Seals in Alaska

Electric Guitar Fish

South Anchorage High School

  • Atticus Hamilton2
  • Dylan Bailly
  • Alex Shannon
  • Roxanna Reynolds
  • Oceana Gamel Howes

Chris Backstrum,7 coach

Project: Global Warming and Ocean Acidification’s Effect on Pteropod Populations and Their Influence on Pink Salmon

Lucky Pollucky

Unalaska City High School

  • Bridget Nalan3
  • Taylor Holman4
  • JR Go
  • James Vuong
  • Kathleen Tan

David Gibson6 and Melissa Good,4 coaches

Project: Climate Change and the Effects on the Bering Sea Pollock Fisheries

Smoltification Edumacation

Wasilla High School

  • Jessica Reisinger2
  • Xinrui Bao
  • Andrew Palmer
  • Alex Litvinchuk
  • Casey Taylor2

Gabriel Bailey,2 ckoach

Project: Effects of Climate Change on Chinook Salmon as a Resource to the Cook Inlet

Jolly Fish

Wasilla High School

  • Haley Barve2
  • Shannon Bronn
  • Shylah Reid
  • Boex Foust

Amy Anderson,2 coach

Quiz only

One team per school is accepted, on a first-come, first-served basis, until October 1. As space is available after October 1, additional teams are accepted from schools already participating.

Additions, changes or corrections? Please contact the Alaska Tsunami Bowl coordinator.

Marc Swanson
Coordinator, Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl
Seward Marine Center
PO Box 730
Seward, Alaska 99664
Office: (907) 224-4311
Cell: (907) 362-2582
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