2014 Alaska Tsunami Teams

Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl

The following high schools competed in the 17th annual Alaska regional competition in Seward on February 28–March 2, 2014. The competition schedule is available online, including the order of oral presentations.

Asterisks (*) denote returning coaches and students. Multiple asterisks signify multiple previous years' participation. A times sign plus number means there were too many asterisks to count.

Names in bold were chosen by their teammates and coaches as the most valuable members of their teams.

Pugnacious Dawgsharks

Cordova Junior/Senior High SchoolPrince William Sound Science Center

Sarah Hoepfner**
Lindsey Hammer**
Elaina Allen*
Katie Bailer*

Kara Johnson,** coach, and Lance Westing,**** assistant coach

Project: Bilge Dumping in Prince William Sound—Small Vessels, Big Impacts [PDF; 1.5 MB]

Ocean Fusion

Cordova Junior/Senior High School, Dillingham Middle/High School, and Petersburg High School
[quiz only]

Cody Howard (Cordova)
Patrick Barista (Cordova)
Sam Johnson (Cordova)
Mariah Dray* (Dillingham)
Summer Morton (Petersburg)

Flamin' Krakens

Dillingham Middle/High School

Connor Ito**
Brian Venua**
Kenny Ramsey**
Tiera Schroeder
Jae Lee*

Clint Reigh*** and Summer Graber,** coaches

Project: Surviving The Salmongeddon [PDF; 860 KB]

Persnickety Protoperidinium

Homer High School

Nolan Bunting*
Axel Gillam**
Molly Mitchell*
Sierra Moskios
Logan Réveil*

Bruce Rifex8, coach, and Barbi Failor,*** and Kris Holderied,x6 assistant coaches

Project: A Tale of Two Species: An Exploration into the Effects of Increased Alexandrium Populations on Shellfish Harvesting in Kachemak Bay [PDF; 1.3 MB]

Fairbanks Foraminifera

Fairbanks: Hutchison High School

Lina Heinrichs**
Briana Whiteside*
Caroline Everts
Phelan Green*

Megan McCarthy,*** coach, and James Savereide,* assistant coach

Project: Fallout of Fukushima: A Monitoring Program to Preserve the Gulf of Alaska's Economy [PDF; 369 KB]

The Caballers

Juneau-Douglas High School

Ruby Steedle*
Johnny Connolly**
Johnny Elliot*
Stephen Mell*
Megan Sheufelt

Brian Stoody, coach

Project: Tidal Power Potential in the Remote Aleutian Islands Region [PDF; 311 KB]

The Third Whale

Juneau-Douglas High School

Emma Good*
Elias Antaya
Neal Chapman
Macleod Morehouse
Abigail Taylor-Roth*

Brian Stoody, coach

Project: Applying New Technologies to Manage Solid Waste and Biosolids in Juneau [PDF; 2.7 MB]

Saber-Toothed Salmon

Ketchikan High School

Micah Briola*
Matthew Guevara
Duncan Menzies*
Hana Oshima
Keenan Sanderson*

Julie Landwehr,**** coach, and Leif Sivertsen, assistant coach

Project: The Effects of pH on the Abundance of Phytoplankton for Mariculture [PDF; 602 KB]

The Elusive Jellyfish

Kodiak High School

Joong Hyun Lee
Hannah Christian*
Annie Looman
Lars Bodnar
Chellene Medina*

Switgard Duesterloh,***** coach, and Jane Eisemann,*** assistant coach

Project: Jellyfish Apocalypse: Problems, Causes and Opportunities [PDF; 590 KB]

Atomic Sea Ice

Kotlik School (LYSD)

Deanna Hunt**
Daisy Hunt*
Andrea Prince
Tristen McCambridge
Denisa Unok

Raphia Maglinao,***** coach

Project: Garbage Patches Threaten Oceanic Life [PDF; 1.4 MB]

The Pelican’ts

Kotzebue Middle/High School

Margaret Norton***
Ember Eck***
Chris Foster*
Qaulluq Henry*

Amy Mecher, coach

Project: Erosion, Invasive Species, and Climate Change [PDF; 164 KB]

Imagine Dragonfish

Wasilla: Mat-Su Career & Technical High School

Kaetlyn Erickson*
Rachel Cote
Lina Gorlova
Keefer Brown

Tim Lundt,***** coach

Project: Ocean Acidification Effects on the Oceanic Ecosystem around Dutch Harbor [PDF; 328 KB]


Wasilla: Mat-Su Career & Technical High School

Ariel Hasse*
Joshua Hartman
Ashton Lund
Corina Monroe*
Peyton Murphy*

Tim Lundt,***** coach

Project: The Impact of Tributyltin in the Cook Inlet Watershed [PDF; 504 KB]

The Sea Masons

Petersburg High School

Diane Murph**
Kyle Hagerman**
Tucker Hagerman
Nels Evens*
Cole Somerville*

Joni Johnson,***** coach, and Sunny Rice,***** assistant coach

Project: The Effects of Ocean Freshening on Marine and Atmospheric Circulation: Impacts and Solutions [PDF; 893 KB]

Jace and the Argonauts

Scammon Bay School (LYSD)

Jace Aguchak***
Ellis Tomaganuk***
Isaac Tomaganuk*
Brian Kaganak*
Helen George

Melissa Rivers,*** coach

Project: The Challenges That Western Alaska Faces Regarding Coastal Erosion and the Methods Needed to Combat its Long-term Effects [PDF; 369 KB]

Team Fatheads

Seward High School

Alex Estes
Justin Croft
Roma Hamner
Ali Katsma
Joevahnta Weddington

Shoshannah Brasher,** coach

Project: Harnessing Tidal Power as Alternative Energy in Alaska [PDF; 500 KB]

The Ice-Raiders

Unalaska City High School

Liam Andersen*
Christian Escalante
Taylor Holman
Andy Nguyen*

David Gibson,** coach, and Melissa Good, assistant coach

Project: Proposal to Build a Heavy Icebreaker for use by the Coast Guard in the Northwest Passage [PDF; 336 KB]

Tactile Cnidarians

Wasilla High School

Marcella K. DeHart
Sydney K. Egbert
Joshua A. Farnsley
Elijah B. Hall
Abraham J. Meyer

Roger Saft,***** coach

Project: Offshore Drilling and Potential Impacts on Alaska [PDF; 692 KB]

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