2013 Tsunami Bowl Competition Results

Alaska regional competition for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl

Overall standings (100 points possible)

Research project plus quiz bowl

1st Place

Juneau-Douglas Team Pogonophoraphobia

Winners of the 2013 Alaska Tsunami Bowl, Team Pogonophoraphobia of Juneau-Douglas High School. Team members from front to back: Sam Kurland, Olivia Raster, Johnny Elliott, Ruby Steedle, Johnny Connolly, and coach Ben Carney. Photo by Sharice Walker.

Bold denotes team MVP. First- and second-place teams are awarded tuition waivers to UAS. The first-place team's expenses will be paid to travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 18–21, 2013, to compete in the NOSB final competition.

When there was a tie in the overall score, the higher place went to the higher quiz score.

Juneau-Douglas High School Team Pogonophoraphobia (93 points)

Sam Kurland
Johnny Connolly
Johnny Elliot
Ruby Steedle
Olivia Raster

Coach: Ben Carney

2nd Place

Mat-Su Career & Technical High School Mat-Tsunamis (93 points)

Christopher Erickson
Ariel Hasse
Lucas Hyce
Reno Hyce
Courtney Monroe

Coach: Tim Lundt

3rd Place

Petersburg High School Omnipotent Octopi (88 points)

Tyler Lantiegne
Dan Cardenas
Diane Murph
Nicole Peterson
Kyle Hagerman

Coaches: Joni Johnson and Sunny Rice

4th Place through 25th Place

Please see 2013 Teams page for team members, MVPs and coaches for 4th through 25th place.

4th Place

Cordova High School – Prince William Sound Science Center Tenacious Dawgsharks (87 points)

5th Place

Thunder Mountain High School Team Nuclear Narwhals (73 points)

6th Place

Unalaska City School The Real Krusty Crab (70 points)

7th Place

Hutchison High School Hutchison Hammerheads (69 points)

8th Place

Homer High School Team Salmonids (65 points)

9th Place

Kenny Lake School Pretentious Pandalids (57 points)

10th Place

Homer High School That Dam Team (54 points)

11th Place

Seward High School Don't Say No to Coho (52 points)

12th Place

Kodiak High School Marvelous Megalops (52 points)

13th Place

Ketchikan High School Saber-Tooth Salmon (48 points)

14th Place

Juneau-Douglas High School Terrifying Tardigrades (46 points)*

15th Place

Kotlik School Continental Drifters (39 points)

16th Place

Mat-Su Career & Technical High School The Cerulean Tempests (39 points)

17th Place

Dillingham High School Flamin' Krakens (33 points)

18th Place

Petersburg High School Opulent Opisthoproctidae (33 points)

19th Place

Kotzebue Middle/High School – Prince William Sound Science Center The Kobuk Lakers (29 points)

20th Place

Wasilla High School Marianas (29 points)

21th Place

Mat-Su Career & Technical High School Wave Runners (29 points)

22th Place

Cordova High School Omniscient Octopodes (22 points)*

23th Place

Scammon Bay School Scammon Bay Seawolves (15 points)

24th Place

Dillingham High School The Squidlets (11 points)

25th Place

South Anchorage High School Team Antarctic Bottom Water (7 points)

* Quiz only; did not participate in research project

Team changed members between project and quiz bowl, so quiz points were not included in the overall score

Did research paper but did not give an oral presentation and did not participate in quiz

Individual components

Research Project (overall score; 50 points possible)

Paper and oral presentation combined. The coach of the first-place research project team is awarded a $500 grant to purchase classroom resources, sponsored by Alaska Sea Grant.

Research Paper (25 points possible)

Research papers are posted online in PDF format.

Oral Presentation (25 points possible)

Knowledge Quiz (50 points possible)

1st-place team is awarded $500 for classroom resources sponsored by Ocean Alaska Science & Learning Center.

Mayor of Seward Perpetual Trophy

Awarded to the team with the most points scored in a single round. This team receives a perpetual trophy to display in their school until the next Tsunami Bowl competition.

Sportsmanship award

Voted on by the quiz bowl judges. Students each received a copy of The Marine Biology Coloring Book and a 4-GB Bone USB stick in the shape of a penguin or dolphin.

Most Valuable Players

Selected from each team by coaches and/or team members. Each recipient was awarded a matted marine-life print and an 8-GB USB stick. See overall first through third places above and 2013 Teams page for recipients. MVP members are denoted by bold above, and are bolded on teams page.

Most Improved Team

Award is $1000 for classroom supplies, private donation.

The Hutchison High School team was 17th place last year and 7th place this year, improving by 10 places. They are coached by Megan McCarthy and assistant coach James Savereide.

Red Lantern Classroom Enhancement Award

Awarded to the teacher of the team that completes both the research and quiz portions of the Tsunami Bowl and finishes in last place; $1000 for classroom resources. This award is sponsored by the Ocean Alaska Science & Learning Center.

ROV Challenge

In this optional activity (maximum 10 teams), teams were given 1.5 hours to design, build, and test an ROV, and to accomplish assigned tasks. Cash prizes were donated by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. The activity was developed and organized by Kara Johnson from the Prince William Sound Science Center.

Icicle Seafoods Scholarships

Icicle Seafoods sponsored five $5,000 scholarships open to any Tsunami Bowl student. To be considered, students wrote an essay, filled out an application, and sent a copy of their grades. The winning students must use their scholarships at one of the University of Alaska campuses.

2013 NOSB Ocean Connection Art Show

best-of-show artwork

Best-of-show artwork, "Splash Dance." Photo by Phyllis Shoemaker. Click image for larger version.

The art teacher for the Best of Show artwork is awarded a $500 grant for classroom resources, sponsored by Alaska Sea Grant.

Results include links to photos of artwork.

How the NOSB Competition Works

Want In on the Action?

November 15 is the deadline to indicate the intent to participate in each year's Alaska Regional NOSB. Contact science bowl coordinator Phyllis Shoemaker at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Seward Marine Center to find out how your high school can join in the fun, or check out our web pages for coaches and teams. The number of teams is limited, so act early for the best chance of participating in the next National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

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