2012 Alaska Tsunami Teams

Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl

The following high schools competed in the 15th annual Alaska regional competition in Seward on March 2–4, 2012. The competition schedule is available online, including the order of oral presentations.

Asterisks (*) denote returning coaches and students. Multiple asterisks signify multiple years' participation. A times sign plus number means too many asterisks to count.

Names in bold were chosen by their teammates and coaches as the most valuable members of their teams.

This regional competition is limited to 20 teams on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional teams wanting to participate are placed on a waiting list and are accepted into the competition if space becomes available. This year, because some teams were doing the quiz only, one research-project-only team (Mat-Su) was allowed to sign up.

The Omega Fours—"The Not So Fatty Acids"

Copper Center: Kenny Lake School

Wesley Voley,* team captain
Emmie Van Wyhe
Dirck Rosenkrans
Kaitlynn Dishaw*

Mark Proch, x6 coach

Project: Management of Copper River King Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)—An Ecosystem Based Approach [PDF, 242 MB]

The Nefarious Dawgsharks

Cordova High SchoolPrince William Sound Science Center

James Allen,*** team captain
Ben Americus**
Keegan Crowley*
Sophia Myers**
Adam Zamudio**

Kara Johnson, coach

Project: Coral, Crabs, and Conservation: Managing Aleutian King Crab Through the Preservation of Cold-Water Coral Gardens [PDF; 680 KB]

Urchin Queens

Cordova High SchoolPrince William Sound Science Center
[quiz bowl only]

Lindsey Hammer, team captain
Gabrielle Brown
Robin Pegau
Sarah Hoepfner

Kara Johnson, coach

Flamin' Krakens

Dillingham High School

Aurora Hoefferle,* team captain
Connor Ito
Kenny Ramsey
Chris Snyder
Brian Venua

Clint Reigh* and Summer Graber, coaches

Project: Management Plan for Chinook Salmon in the Nushagak Drainage [PDF; 160 KB]

Hutchison Hammerheads

Fairbanks: Hutchison High School
[quiz bowl only]

Jared Canright, team captain
Lina Heinrichs
Gary Lose
Sky Roehl

Megan McCarthy,* coach

Twilight Zone

Homer High School

Traven Apiki, team captain
Katherine Dolma
Axel Gillam
John Walsworth

Kris Holderied and Brenda Dolma, coaches

Project: Restoration of Cook Inlet Herring Fishery [PDF; 545 KB]

Abyssal Guessers

Homer High School
[quiz bowl only]

Sabina Kryshak-Karwowski, team captain
Dylan Faulkner
Adi Davis
Joshua Vantrease

Barbi Failor, coach

Team Pelagic Magic

Juneau-Douglas High School

Seth Brickey,*** team captain
Sam Kurland**
Martina Miller**
Tatsu Monkman*
Ethan Roemeling*

Ben Carney,***** coach

Project: Comprehensive Management of the Wild Commercial Harvest and Mariculture of Geoduck Clams (Panopea generosa) in Southeast Alaska [PDF; 2.2 MB]

Team "Cephalogods"

Juneau: Thunder Mountain High School
[project only]

Johnny Connolly, team captain
Toby Lyons
Kieran Poulson-Edwards
Ryian Jurasz
Mikayla Ibias

Jake Jacoby,** coach

Project: The Potential for a Sustained, Manageable Armhook squid (Berryteuthis magister) Fishery in Southeast Alaska [PDF; 1.1 MB]

Team "Cephalogods"

Juneau: Juneau-Douglas High School and Thunder Mountain High School
[quiz only]

Johnny Connoly, team captain (Juneau-Douglas)
Toby Lyons (Juneau-Douglas)
Ryian Jurasz (Thunder Mountain)
Bridget Lloyd (Thunder Mountain)

Jake Jacoby,** coach


Ketchikan High School

Anne Calhoun, team captain
Jessica Pringle**
Katelyn Ross**
Dylan Carlson*

Julie Landwehr,** coach

Project: Sea Cucumber Ecosystem Based Management Plan [PDF; 1.6 MB]

The LYSD Torrential Cascades

Kotlik School & Mountain Village (LYSD)

Mary Okitkun,* team captain (Kotlik)
Jacinta Matthias* (Kotlik)
Jaylene Borkowski (Mountain Village)
Elijah Prince* (Kotlik)

Raphia Maglinao,*** coach

Project: In-River Management Plan and Its Projected Effects on the Lower Yukon–Kotlik Fishery

The Fish Themselves

Kotzebue Middle/High School

China Kantner, team captain
Ember Eck*
Margy Norton*
Soloman Shindler
Paulianne Schaeffer

Lance Westing,** coach

Project: Sheefish in the Northwest Arctic [PDF; 111 KB]

Cexy Cnidarians

Petersburg High School

Tyler Lantiegne,* team captain
Kyla Compton
Diane Murph
Nicole Peterson
Kyle Hagerman

Joni Johnson*** and Sunny Rice,*** coaches

Project: Southeast Alaska Inside Waters Management Plan of Walleye Pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) [PDF; 868 KB]

Rip Tide

Scammon Bay School (LYSD)

Isaac Tomaganuk, team captain
Norman Charlie
Brian Kaganak
Ellis Tomaganuk*
Jace Aguchak*

Melissa Rivers,* coach

Project: Composting And Other Ideas to Help the Bering Sea [PDF; 568 KB]


Seward High School

Alex Ashford,* team captain
Josephine Braun
Brianna Honebein
Kara Knotek
Lindsey Kromrey

Jill Herbert, coach advisor; Eileen Audette** and Maggie Herbert,*** student coaches

Project: Sperm Whale Detriments to Black Cod Catches [PDF; 500 KB]

Mighty Molluscs

Unalaska City High School

Aaron Adams,** team captain [project]
Jessica Andersen
Kevin Huynh*
Valerie Sours*
Natalie Waldron*
Sierra Moskios [quiz]

Reid Brewer,***** coach, and David Gibson, assistant coach

Project: A Proposition for an Octopus Fishery in the Aleutian Islands [PDF; 692 KB]


Wasilla: Mat-Su Career & Technical High School

Alonzo Gage,** team captain
Lucas Hyce**
Reno Hyce**
Jonah Jeffries**
Myriam Zuloaga

Tim Lundt,*** coach, and Barbara Petukh, assistant coach

Project: Ecosystem-Based Management of Bristol Bay Fisheries [PDF; 1.7 MB]

Rock Lobsters

Wasilla: Mat-Su Career & Technical High School

Allie Poe, team captain
Brandon Erwin
Bradley Smith
Courtney Monroe

Tim Lundt,*** coach, and Barbara Petukh, assistant coach

Project: Ecosystem Based Management of Shellfish in the Cook Inlet Region [PDF; 160 KB]

Tiger Sharks

Wasilla: Mat-Su Career & Technical High School

Shayla Jordan,* team captain
Chris Erickson*
Aspen Melton*
Jake Carlton
Tess Adams

Tim Lundt,*** coach, and Barbara Petukh, assistant coach

Project: Ecosystem-Based Management of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) and Pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbusha) in Prince William Sound [PDF; 868 KB]


Wasilla High School

William Middleton,* team captain
Allison Thomason**
Ashley Williams
Abraham Meyer*
David Pomelow

Roger Saft,*** coach, and Wendy Garrett,** assistant coach

Project: Ecosystem-based Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, Management Plan of the Susitna River Drainage [PDF; 3.4 MB]

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