2011 Alaska Tsunami Teams

Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl

The following high schools intend to compete in the 14th annual Alaska regional competition in Seward on February 4–6, 2011. The competition schedule is available online.

Asterisks (*) denote returning coaches and students. Multiple asterisks signify multiple years' participation. A times sign plus number means too many asterisks to count.

Names in bold were chosen by their teammates and coaches as the most valuable members of their teams.

See a photo gallery of the 2009 competition.

This regional competition is limited to 20 teams. Additional teams from schools that are already participating are placed on a waiting list and will be accepted to the competition if space becomes available.

The Copper River Reds

Copper Center: Kenny Lake High School

Wesley Voley, team captain
Audrey Shepherd*
Matthew Kary
Lillie Anderson

Mark Proch,x5 coach

Project: The Potential Effects of an All-Alaska Gas Pipeline on Prince William Sound—Does the Benefit Outweigh the Cost?

Land Sharks

Copper River and Kotzebue [quiz bowl only]

India Douthit (CR)
Grace Voyles (CR)
Kaitlynn Dishaw (CR)
Margy Norton (K)

Mark Prochx5 and Lance Westing,* coaches

The Auto-Eviscerators

Cordova High SchoolPrince William Sound Science Center

Craig Bailer,** team captain
Keegan Irving**
Christina Morrisett**
Sophia Myers*
Jessica Smyke*

Alice Dou-Wang,* coach

Project: Effects of Melting Glaciers on Nutrient Flux to the Gulf of Alaska

Inglorious Dawgsharks

Cordova High SchoolPrince William Sound Science Center

James Allen,** team captain
Adam Zamudio*
Ben Americus*
Shannon Lindow**

Alice Dou-Wang,* coach

Project: Waste Not, Want Not: Finding Alternate Uses for Cannery Discharge

The Leviathans

Dillingham High School [quiz bowl only]

Aurora Hoefferle, team captain
Mark Lopez
Kelly Marie Evans
Christopher Floresta

Clint Reigh, coach, and Brenda Overcast, assistant coach

Ostentatious Otters

Juneau-Douglas High School

Ben Tamone, team captain
Ethan Roemeling
Tatsu Monkman
Johnny Connolly

Jake Jacoby,* coach

Project: The Effects of Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris) Reintroduction in Southeast Alaska on the Dive Fisheries of Southern Southeast Alaska

Absolute Vorticity

Juneau-Douglas High School

Tyler Houseweart,** team captain
Seth Brickey**
Elise Christey
Sam Kurland*
Martina Miller*

Ben Carney,**** coach

Project: Potential Impacts of Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) Hatcheries on Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) in Lynn Canal

Phycodurus eques

Ketchikan High School

Susie McKee,* team captain
Caleb Cruz Hedin*
Jessica Pringle*
Kate Ross*
Dylan Carlson

Julie Landwehr* and Gary Freitag,* coaches

Project: Effects of Harmful Algal Blooms in Southeast Alaska

The Turbidites

Kodiak High School

McKenzie Barnett, team captain
Pearson Brodie
Ethan Buchinger
Lynda Bahe
Samantha Haight

Switgard Duesterloh** and Jane Eisemann, coaches

Project: The Effects of Fish Processing Biowaste on the Ocean’s Organisms and Nutrients

The LYSD’s Atomic Sea Ice

Kotlik School

Jacinta Matthias, co-captain
Mary Okitkun, co-captain
Jennifer Prince
Elijah Prince
Deanna L. Hunt

Raphia Maglinao,** coach

Project: The Impact of Eutrophication on Marine Ecosystems and Its Relation to Village Life

Northern Bullheads

Kotzebue High School

Catherine Greene,* team captain
Ember Eck
Chelsea Hadley*
Thomas Baker
Grant Magdanz*

Lance Westing,* coach

Project: Hotham Inlet Cyanobacterial Blooms: Cyanobacterial Blooms in the Arctic and Its Potential Effects

AquaTeen HungerForce

Petersburg High School

Sharece Randrup,* team captain
Tyler Lantiegne
Daniel Cardenas
Shelton Brett
Cristian Hernandez*

Joni Johnson** and Sunny Rice,** coaches

Project: Invasive Tunicates and Their Impact on the Ecosystem Surrounding Petersburg, Alaska

Scammon Bay Tidal Waves

Scammon Bay School

Georgianna Smith, team captain
Jace Aguchak
Shelaya Kaganak
Ellis Tomaganuk
Justin Ulak

Shaun Hennessy, coach, and Melissa Rivers, assistant coach

Project: Climate Change

Smack WHAT?!

Seward High School

Nathaniel Feemster***, team captain
Maggie Herbert**
Eileen Audette*
Alex Ashford

Adrienne Moretti,* coach

Project: Jellyfish Blooms and Their Effects in the Sea of Japan

Team Fish

Sitka High School and Mt. Edgecumbe High School [quiz bowl only]

Anneliese Moll (MEHS), team captain
Micaiah Mullins (MEHS)
Jonte Oberreuter-Valentine (SHS)
Conner Fish (SHS)
Mariah Moore (SHS)

Ellen Chenoweth (SHS), coach, and Michael Mahoney (MEHS), assistant coach

Frisky Phromina

Unalaska City High School

Noah Betzen,* team captain
Aaron Adams*
Kim Balbarino
Aidan Bobbitt
Natalie Waldron

Reid Brewer,**** coach

Project: Increased Marine Transportation in Unalaska Bay and Its Future Implications

Teal Turtles

Unalaska City High School

Ashleigh Radvansky,* team captain
Kevin Huynh
Alysha McGuire
Tiny Regis
Valerie Sours

Reid Brewer,**** coach

Project: The Implications of Increased Marine Debris on Unalaska Bay

The Tiger Sharks

Wasilla: Mat-Su Career & Technical High School

Jonah Jeffries,* team captain
Alonzo Gage*
Chris Erickson
Aspen Melton
Shayla Jordan

Tim Lundt,** coach

Project: Effects of Cyanide Fishing on the Coral Reefs of Wakatobi Marine National Park


Wasilla: Mat-Su Career & Technical High School

Sarah Dawkins,* team captain
Myriam Wells*
Lucas Hyce*
Reno Hyce*

Tim Lundt,** coach

Project: The Sensitive Baltic Sea


Wasilla High School

Ashley Williams,* team captain
Allison Thomason*
Nathaniel Morris
William Middleton
Abraham Meyer

Roger Saft,** coach

Project: Management of Marine Resources after an Exxon Valdez–Type Oil Spill near Kaktovik, Alaska

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