2008 NOSB Teams

Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl

The following high schools competed in the 11th annual Alaska regional competition in Seward on 8–9 February 2008. Asterisks (*) denote returning coaches and students. Multiple asterisks signify multiple years' participation. A times sign plus number means too many asterisks to count.

Names in bold were chosen by their teammates and coaches as the most valuable members of their teams.

Team Starfish

Anchorage: South Anchorage High School

Hailey Hosken
Petra Davis
Laura Crews
Tara Brodie

Chris Backstrum, coach

Team Urchin

Anchorage: South Anchorage High School

Victoria Campbell
Lindsey Coulson
Nicholas Warner
Kelsey Harmon
Tory Adams

Chris Backstrum, coach

Sea Geeks

Copper Center: Kenny Lake School

Ellie Bowman
Alex Wilder*
Eli Morse
Dominique Bell
Audrie Roeske*

Mark Proch, coach***

Visceral Mass

Cordova High SchoolPrince William Sound Science Center

Drew Lindow*
Grafton Schikora
Trae Lohse*
Ian Americus*

Lindsay Butters, coach*

Santos del Océano

Cordova High SchoolPrince William Sound Science Center

Samuel Steffan Ronnegard
Keegan Irving
Darin Gilman
Craig Bailer

Lindsay Butters, coach*


Juneau-Douglas High School

Thomas Sorensen*
Shadoe Haffner
Thomas Mills
Phil Moser
Jaime Burrous*

Ben Carney, coach*

Naughty Nautilli

Juneau-Douglas High School

Molly Emerson
Stephen Kubota
Ross Douglas
Kayla Harrison
Trentyn Days

Ben Carney, coach*

Team Charybdis

Seward High School and Kenny Lake School

Nathan Feemster (Seward)
David Herbert (Seward)
Brianna Leahy (Kenny Lake)
Keaton Shephard (Kenny Lake)

Jacqueline Mitchell & Bill Barnes, coaches

The Krakens

Soldotna High School

Kimberly England
Alice Beyer
Charlotte Völker
Bridgett Brooks
Linnea Powers

Bruce Rife x5, coach

The Odd Pisces

Soldotna: Skyview High School

Amanda Millay**
Mallory Millay**
Scott Begins**
Tasha Brown*

Mark Larsonx10, coach

Skyview #2

Soldotna: Skyview High School

Todd Burow
Patrick Sheridan
Anthony Guth
Thomas Osterman**

Wade Marcuson, coach*

Peanut Worm and Jellyfish Sandwiches

Unalaska City School

Sirahna Graves
Caroline Nguyen
Sam Kyle
Delores Gregory

Reid Brewer,** coach

Tentacular Nematocysts

Unalaska City School

Garret Shaishnikoff*
Erin Dickson
Patrick Trinidad
Kelsey Clark

Barbi Failor-Rounds, coach

Jackie's Awesome Incredible Dude/Dudette Squad

Wasilla: Mat-Su Career and Technical High School

Jacqueline Layton
Colton Christensen
Christopher Jorge
Cheyanne Jorge

Tim Lundt, coach

Polar Bears

White Mountain School

DeAnne Lincoln
Roberta Charles
Michelle Simon
Crystal Lincoln
Katya Wassillie

Jack Adams**, coach, & Joanna Wassillie, chaperone

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