2006 NOSB Teams

Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl

The following high schools intended to compete in the 9th annual Alaska regional competition in Seward on 10–12 February 2006. Asterisks (*) denote returning coaches and students. Multiple asterisks signify multiple years' participation. A times sign plus number means too many asterisks to count. Avalanches closed the road to Seward and prevented Angoon, Cordova, Skyview, Soldotna, and Unalaska from competing in Juneau.

Names in bold were chosen by their teammates and coaches as the most valuable members of their teams.

Chatham School District

Angoon High School

(quiz only)

Elisabeth Barry (Gustavus)
Ian Barrier (Gustavus)
Ian Brooker (Tenakee)
Jennifer Parkin (Angoon)
Jennifer George (Angoon)

Jim Parkin, coach

Team Kenny Lake

Copper Center: Kenny Lake School

Megan Phillips
Daniel Proch
Alyssa Ginn
Gabriel Brown
Tiffany Helkenn
Danielle Sharer

Mark Proch, coach*

Project: Ecosystem management of sockeye salmon in the Copper River watershed: Cooperation between community and government

Kenny Lake's presentation in PDF format [8.7 MB]

The Cordova Flatfish

Cordova High SchoolPrince William Sound Science Center

Leif Stavig**
Lee Collins**
Christopher Hager**
Mckenzie Herring**

Kate Alexander, coach**

Project: Ecosystem management of Pacific halibut in Prince William Sound

Cordova's presentation in PDF format [10.6MB]

Team Delta

Juneau-Douglas High School

Zach Riste
Britani Page
Deirdre Ratigan
Drake Skaggs
Vince Wagner

Clay Good, coachx7

Project: Ecosystem management plan for the reconciliation of diverse interests concerning the eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) in the Berners Bay watershed

Delta's presentation in PDF format [18.9 MB]

Team Zissou

Juneau-Douglas High School

Devon Kibby*
Erika O'Sullivan
Hillary Buck
Katie Conway
Eva Ceder

Clay Good, coachx7

Project: Haa Shagoon: An ecosystem-based fisheries management plan for sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in the Taku Watershed

"That One Team"

Matanuska-Susitna: Twindly Bridge Charter School

Maranantha Jubilee
Cass Melin
Mike Gorsch
Hannah Knapp
(Ryan Pelletier—8th grade)

Heather Pelletier, coach***

Project: Ecosystem management plan for east side Cook Inlet razor clam fishery

Team Extreme

(paper only)

Seward High School

Sarah Glaser
Tekla Backlund
Jason Webber
Carson Tippit
Robert Linville
Cory Ennes

Jason Fantz, coach*****

Project: Salmon sharks in the ecosystem of Prince William Sound

Seward Shrimp Hawks

Seward High School

Phelan Miller*
Tyler Crista*
Amy Collman*
Luke Fry

Jason Fantz, coach*****

Project: Kenai Peninsula Ecosystem Management Plan for Pandalid Shrimp

Seward's presentation in PDF format [8.5 MB]

Team Larus

Soldotna: Skyview High School

Mallory Millay
Amanda Millay
Scot Begins
Thomas Osterman

Mark Larson, coachx8

Project: Ecosystem management—the
Kenai River estuary with an emphasis on herring gulls

Skyview's presentation in PDF format [14.9 MB]

Sharks vs. Jets

Soldotna High School

Kelly King**
Keegan Birchfield*
Sheila Oelrich**
Tyler Roesch
Heather Sinclair*

Bruce Rife, coach****

Project: The effects of a salmon shark fishery in Prince William Sound

Soldotna's presentation in PDF format [9.2 MB]

Ocean Raiders

Unalaska City School

Monica Southworth*
Eric Southworth*
Mika Machalik
Aline Nguyen
Doohn Tran

Reid Brewer, coach*

Project: Monitoring Unalaska's Subsistence Species for Ecosystem-wide, Long-term changes (MUSSEL changes)

Unalaska's presentation in PDF format [35.9 MB]

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