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NOSB 2005 Competition Results

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* Overall Standings (research project plus knowledge quiz)

winning team and Gov. Murkowski

Team Steller from Juneau-Douglas High School.

First Place Overall

Students were awarded one-year tuition waivers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi, in April to compete in the national finals.

Juneau-Douglas High School Steller
      Ashley Kelly
      Bekah Menze
      Devon Kibby
      Emily Peyton
      Kelsey Potdevin
      Coach: Clay Good

Second Place Overall

Skyview High School (Soldotna) EZDs [Euphotic Zone Depth]
      Stevie Pyfer
      Rachel Beatty
      Jaime Miller
      Trevor Johnson
      Donna House
      Coach: Mark Larson

Third Place Overall

Cordova High School N.U.R.D.s [Never Underestimate ouR Determination]
      Lee Collins
      Mckenzie Herring
      Ezekiel Brown
      Leif Stavig
      Christopher Hager
      Elizabeth Locklar
      Coach: Kate Alexander

* Research Project (paper and oral presentation)

First-place project winners received tuition waivers from the University of Alaska Southeast; coach received $1,000 classroom award from Alaska Sea Grant.

Research Project (overall)
• First Place: Skyview High School (Soldotna) EZDs
• Second Place: Unalaska City School Ocean Raiders
• Third Place: Cordova High School N.U.R.D.s

Research Paper
• First Place: Skyview High School (Soldotna) EZDs
• Second Place: Cordova High School N.U.R.D.s
• Third Place: Unalaska City School Ocean Raiders

Oral Presentation
• First Place: Soldotna High School Ice Worms
• Second Place: Skyview High School (Soldotna) EZDs
• Third Place: Unalaska City School Ocean Raiders

* Knowledge Quiz

• First Place: Juneau-Douglas High School Steller
• Second Place: Soldotna High School Alaska Grown
• Third Place: Skyview High School (Soldotna) EZDs

* Mayor of Seward Perpetual Trophy

Awarded to the team with the most points scored in a single round.

Cordova N.U.R.D.s with 90 points in round 9.

* Sportsmanship award

All teams qualified.

* Most Valuable Players

Each recipient was awarded $50 and a giant chocolate chip cookie.

Steller (Juneau-Douglas): Devon Kibby
EZDs (Skyview): Rachel Beatty
N.U.R.D.s (Cordova): Lee Collins
Ice Worms (Soldotna): Heather Sinclair
Alaska Grown (Soldotna): Tina Powers
Home Team (Juneau-Douglas): Elizabeth Schoenfeld
Apex Predators (seeUonline/Valley Pathways/Palmer HS/Colony HS): Joanne Pelletier
The Real People (Bethel Alternative Boarding School): Georgi McKay
Jeannot Allemand (Seward): Amy Coleman
Flying Squidettes (South Anchorage High School): Kelsey Logan
Ocean Raiders (Unalaska City School): Monica Southworth
Ugruk (Noorvik Aqqaluk High School): Isabell Patterson

* Enrichment Award

Overall last-place team received a collection of reference and resource books for the teacher's classroom provided by the Kenai Fjords National Park and Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center.

Seward High School Jeannot Allemand

* Alaska NOSB Techie Coach Award

Awarded to first coach to register his or her team on the national Web site.

Heather Pelletier, seeUonline/Valley Pathways/Palmer HS/Colony HS

* 2005 NOSB Ocean Connection Art Show

Best of Show art teacher received box of art supplies donated by Blaine's Art Supply, Anchorage.

Follow link above to see art show results; results include links to photos of artwork.

How the NOSB Competition Works

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