The following high schools participated in the 2002 Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl

The Alaska regional competition was held in Seward on 22-24 February 2002. Asterisks (*) denote returning team members and coaches. Multiple asterisks signify multiple years' participation. Names in bold were chosen by their teammates and coaches as the most valuable members of their teams.

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Team Chugiak
Chugiak High School, Eagle River
Jan Tomsen*
Andrew Mew
Steven Wilson
Caroline Schultz
Molly Moran
Andrew Sullivan, coach****

Project: "Relieving Anadromous Pressures: A Dissertation of Steelhead Trout in the Anchor River Vicinity"

Team Behemoth
Cordova High School
Hannah Cain
Forrest Dunbar
Rory Merrit
Fred Newirth
Elaine Reodica
Aaron Lang, coach

Project: "Killer Whales in Peril: The Decline of the AT1 Group in Prince William Sound, Alaska"

Team Kokanee
Dimond High School, Anchorage
Ariel Larson
Julie Chiara
Alisha Kiehn
Shannon Orely
Sarah Oates
Elizabeth Larman, coach****

Project: "The Eklutna River Project"

Team Crustacean Sensation
Kodiak High School
Matt Van Daele
Devin Boyer
John Van Atta
Shawn Biessel
Arthur Becker, alternate
Craig Baker, coach

Project: "Factors Affecting the Tanner Crab Population Near the Kodiak Archipelago"

Team Kotzebue
Kotzebue High School
(quiz only; no project)
Julia Dakai
Merella Shuster
Chelsi Mathews
Chisana Hildreth
Rebekah Tabor
Charlotte Ipalook
Sandra Sumrall-Lloyd, coach

Team Abyss
Ninilchik School
Katie Schollenberg*

Kasey Diamond*
Victoria Florey*
Katie Moerlein*
Chris Hanson, coach*

Project: "Catching the Fish and Eating Them Too—Halibut: a Pressured Species"

Team Siliceous Ooze
Ninilchik School
(quiz only; no project)
Janelle Moerlein
Patrick Tilbury
Zack Schindler
Crysania Taylor
Chris Hanson, coach*

Team Veni Vidi Vici
Seward High School
Jolie Glaser
John Hughes**
Walter Moore
Adam Wilkie**
Jason Fantz, coach**

Project: "Transients: A Dying Breed"

Team Skyview
Skyview High School, Soldotna
Craig Bisgard
Amanda Marshall
Kimberly Martin
Deric Petersen
Roland Zumwalt
Mark Larson, coach****

Project: "The Critical Status of the Kenai Brown Bear, and the Connection between Bears, Salmon, and the Riparian Zone"

Team Orca
Soldotna High School
Christa Martin
Andrea Steadman
Lowell Perry
Amber-Marie Udelhoven
Bruce Rife, coach

Project: "Orca Whales"

Team Walrus
Soldotna High School
(project only; no quiz)
Rebecca Anderson
Jessica Azzara
Samantha Eisenman
Jamie Grubb
Bruce Rife, coach

Project: "Pacific Walrus"

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