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NOSB 2002 Competition Results

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First Place Overall
(Students were awarded one-year tuition waivers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a trip to Providence, Rhode Island, to compete in the national finals.)

Kodiak High School, "Team Crustacean Sensation," 98 points
      Matt Van Daele
      Devin Boyer
      John Van Atta
      Shawn Biessel
      Coach: Craig Baker

Second Place Overall

Cordova High School, "Team Behemoth," 90 points
      Hannah Cain
      Forrest Dunbar
      Rory Merrit
      Elaine Reodica
      Coach: Aaron Lang

Third Place Overall

Chugiak High School Team, 88 points
      Jan Tomsen
      Andrew Mew
      Steven Wilson
      Caroline Schultz
      Molly Moran
      Coach: Andrew Sullivan

* Research Project and Oral Presentation

• First Place overall: Ninilchik "Abyss"
• Second Place overall: Kodiak "Crustacean Sensation"
• Third Place overall: Dimond "Kokanee"

• First Place, paper: Ninilchik "Abyss" for Catching the Fish and Eating Them Too—Halibut: a Pressured Species
• Second Place, paper: Dimond "Kokanee," for The Eklutna River Project
• Third Place, paper: 4-way tie!
      Kodiak "Crustacean Sensation" for Factors Affecting the Tanner Crab Population Near the Kodiak Archipelago

      Chugiak for Relieving Anadromous Pressures: A Dissertation of Steelhead Trout in the Anchor River Vicinity
      Cordova "Behemoth" for Killer Whales in Peril: The Decline of the AT1 Group in Prince William Sound, Alaska
      Skyview for The Critical Status of the Kenai Brown Bear, and the Connection between Bears, Salmon, and the Riparian Zone

• First Place, oral: Kodiak "Crustacean Sensation"
• Second Place, oral: Ninilchik "Abyss"
• Third Place, oral: tie—Dimond "Kokanee" and Chugiak

* Knowledge Quiz

• First Place: Kodiak High School, "Crustacean Sensation"
• Second Place: Cordova High School, "Behemoth"
• Third Place: Ninilchik School, "Siliceous Ooze

* Classroom award

to the coach of the top overall project winner—
Chris Hanson: $1,000 from the Alaska Sea Grant College Program

* Mayor of Seward Perpetual Trophy

to the team with the most points scored in a single round—
Ninilchik High School "Siliceous Ooze" with 100 points in Round Nine

* 2002 NOSB Ocean Connection Art Show

How the NOSB Competition Works

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl consists of a round-robin/double-elimination format for teams of high school students. Teams consist of four students plus one alternate and a coach. The format involves a timed competition (defined as the use of "lock-out"-type buzzer systems and clocks) between two teams, using multiple-choice or short-answer questions within the broad category of the oceans. Questions are drawn from the scientific and technical disciplines used in studying the oceans (physics, chemistry, geology, atmospheric science, biology, etc.) as well as from topics on the contributions of the oceans to national and international economics, history and culture.

Each match consists of a series of these multiple-choice toss-up questions. A team that correctly responds to a toss-up question is given a bonus multiple-choice or short-answer question. The match consists of two 8-minute halves with a 2-minute break. Each match has a maximum of 25 toss-up questions and an equal number of bonus questions.

In Alaska, coordinators have added a second component to the ocean sciences bowl: an ocean science research project, which counts for 50 percent of the total score. Students must develop a research document on a specific ocean-related question or problem. For the NOSB 2002 research project, the students evaluated the critical habitat of an Alaskan wildlife species under pressure. Each team is required to write an in-depth research paper, and the students must also give an oral presentation on their project. The written and oral presentations each count for half of the 50 percent total.

Although it does not count toward winning points, the Alaska regional competition includes a juried art show in which students are invited to submit artwork in two-dimensional, three-dimensional and mixed media. Artwork must be original and must have an ocean theme.

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