Notes from the Field

Stories from our Marine Advisory agents and specialists

Diary of a National Ocean Sciences Bowl coach

Sunny Rice

28 October 2016

Each year, Alaska holds a regional competition as part of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. Sunny Rice has co-coached the Petersburg NOSB team every year since 2009.

Missing whales in the Shumagin Islands

Bree Witteveen

15 October 2015

For marine mammal specialist Bree Witteveen, a trip to the Shumagins usually means seeing an abundance of whales—but not this year.

Unalaska students discover the sea side of their community

Melissa Good

07 July 2015

Marine Advisory agent Melissa Good describes Alaska Seas and Rivers Week in Unalaska, where schoolkids met sea creatures retrieved by scuba divers, learned about beach cleanup and water safety, and much more.

Kodiak Killers make their spring appearance

Kate Wynne

04 May 2015

Marine mammal specialist Kate Wynne provides a biologist’s perspective on the “Kodiak Killers,” a pod of mammal-eating killer whales that visit Kodiak Harbor each year to hunt sea lions.