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To list or not to list. The battle continues over the Pacific walrus.

walrus face

October 19

Our Nome-based Marine Advisory agent Gay Sheffield stopped by the studios of KNOM-FM recently to discuss the federal government’s decision not to grant protections to the Pacific walrus under the Endangered Species Act. “Listing the walrus isn’t going to bring the sea ice back,” she said. Listen to the full interview here.

Alaska Sea Grant partners in marine safety instructor training

15 people in front of helicopter indoors

October 16

Commercial fishermen, an Alaska state trooper and a ferry boat captain were among those trained as marine safety instructors last month. Training saves lives—since the 1980s the commercial fishing industry has seen a 76% decrease in deaths.

Alaska’s oyster farmers are filling an acidification-driven void

oyster buoys in cove

October 13

As the Pacific Ocean acidifies, oyster farms off California, Washington, and British Columbia have struggled to get larvae to grow into seed. Though scientists are not quite sure why, the water off Southeast Alaska hasn’t seen the same deleterious effects. Now, entrepreneurs and investors are eyeing the state, looking to turn a profit off the short-lived gains of climate change. Hakai Magazine has the story.

A volunteer collects seawater from the deep on the Seward Line, Blog 4 of 4

woman with laptop on ship

October 12

The last day of a research vessel cruise may involve the hardest work, but everyone on board has the same goal—dismantle the gear, pack it up, offload by the ton, stow equipment and get it ready for shipment, and then celebrate the accomplishments.

A volunteer collects seawater from the deep on the Seward Line, Blog 3 of 4

woman drains water into bottle

October 11

After the team works their way through the stations, lowering and raising the CTD overboard, they take a break to walk on an iceberg calved from a glacier in Prince William Sound.

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Notes from the Field

Diary of a National Ocean Sciences Bowl coach

Sunny Rice

October 2016

Each year, Alaska holds a regional competition as part of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. Sunny Rice has co-coached the Petersburg NOSB team every year since 2009.

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