Fishlines newsletter

Vol. XXV, No. 11
November 2005

Fishlines, November 2005

Grants Funded

Alaska Sea Grant announces funding for 15 new research projects for the period February 2006–January 2008:

Coastal Erosion Workshop

Alaska Sea Grant will be a sponsor of the 9th Annual Science-to-Engineering Workshop, on Coastal Erosion Responses for Alaska, January 4, 2006, at UAA. Experts will speak on Alaska shoreline trends, coastal zone management, beach property insurance, and pros and cons of shore protection works, followed by an open discussion on Alaska coastal problems and needs. Contact Orson Smith,

Crab Enhancement Workshop

Alaska Sea Grant is organizing the "Alaska Crab Enhancement Workshop" for March 14–16, 2006, in Kodiak. The workshop will bring together scientists involved in cultivation and stock enhancement of king and other crabs. Crab enhancement is similar to fish hatcheries; it is not farming.

Technical sessions will be presented by an international roster of researchers, and discussions will be held on whether crab enhancement should be attempted, costs and benefits for Alaska, management, etc. On March 16, a ComFish seminar will be presented on enhancement techniques, case studies, genetics, pathology, habitat, and species. Organizers also represent Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Alaska Department of Commerce, NOAA Fisheries, Central Bering Sea Fishermen's Association, United Fishermen's Marketing Association, Alaska Crab Coalition, City of Kodiak, and Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition. For details contact Sherri Pristash,

Harbormaster Meeting

Kurt Byers represented Alaska Sea Grant at the Alaska Harbormaster and Port Administrator Association (AHPAA) annual conference, in Valdez in October. Byers set up a book display and gave presentations about Sea Grant, and about a book Sea Grant will soon publish, Small Ports and Harbors: Operation and maintenance, authored by Alan Sorum, Valdez port administrator and president of AHPAA.

Extension Academy

MAP agents Torie Baker and Terry Johnson joined 30 Sea Grant agents recently in Pensacola, Florida, for the National Sea Grant Extension Academy. Participants got training in Sea Grant extension philosophy, program development, management, and evaluation, as well as facilitation skills. "It was a powerful experience to meet and work with extension colleagues from throughout the nation. While Alaska is unique in its mix of marine users relative to most of the U.S., we all found common professional ground as extension educators," said Baker.

Southwestern Alaska MAP

MAP agent Liz Brown organized a salmon roe workshop in Dillingham in September. Instructors included Terry Reeve and Ben Talon-Kayne from Norquest Seafoods. Fifteen people from Ugashik, Naknek, and Dillingham attended.

In late September, Brown was invited to join the panel "Producing and Marketing Fisheries: Value Added" at the "Building the Future among Bristol Bay Partners" summit in King Salmon. Other panelists were Alan Austerman, Governor's fishery policy advisor; Robin Samuelson, CEO of Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation; Pearl Strub, of Dancing Salmon Seafoods; and Fred Pike, Regional Seafood Development Association. Strub, who also attended Brown's roe workshop, gave a glowing report on the usefulness of the roe workshop, as well as other MAP workshops.

Aleutians MAP

Reid Brewer sponsored a talk in Unalaska by Tim Lebling, Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) stranding coordinator. Brewer also helped Lebling release two harbor seal pups.

Along with the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, Alaska Pacific University, ASLC, and Northwest Marine Technology Inc., Brewer is tagging giant Pacific octopus. The focus is on development of an octopus commercial fishery near Unalaska.

Brewer worked with Polaris Applied Sciences Inc. and local Native Alaskans to determine maximum consumption of subsistence foods, and the risk of acquiring toxins from the Selendang Ayu oil spill.

Sales to Help Fishermen

Alaska Sea Grant will donate ten percent of product sales from November to April to the Alaska Fishing Industry Relief Mission (AFIRM), to help reestablish the fishing industry in the Gulf Coast states devastated during the 2005 hurricane season. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is honorary chair of the AFIRM board. AFIRM's goal is to have 100% of the donated money go directly to the relief effort.

New Books

Alaska Sea Grant recently published The Journey to PICES: Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific. Science historian Sara Tjossem, Columbia University instructor, wrote the book in consultation with Warren Wooster at the University of Washington. Wooster was the driving force behind the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), along with scientists and government officials in Canada, Japan, Russia, China, and South Korea.

The book is a significant contribution to the history of international marine scientific organizations. Although PICES was urgently needed, the process to create it took twenty years. Finally launched in 1992, PICES is now a vibrant six-nation organization contributing substantially to marine science.

Production of the book was supported by the PICES NSF grant of Dean Emeritus Vera Alexander, current PICES chair. Sue Keller managed production, Jen Gunderson designed the text, and Dave Partee designed the cover. To order, go to (206 pages, $20.00, hardcover).

The book Managing Fisheries—Empowering Communities: Conference Proceedings, edited by Paula Cullenberg, is based on a meeting held in April 2005. Alaska coastal community leaders, fisheries management decision makers, and anthropologists met to highlight the benefits of commercial fisheries to coastal economies. A follow-up conference will be held in 2006. To order the book, see (100 pages, $10.00, softcover).