CoastWise Alaska

CoastWise Alaska is an audio news and information service of Alaska Sea Grant, and is offered as a public service to radio stations, schools, environmental groups, and others without charge.

Net Recycling

Alaska’s on-again, off-again, experiment with recycling worn-out fishing nets is on once more. CoastWise Alaska reports on how five coastal Alaska communities have jump-started net recycling efforts.

Bristol Bay Local Hired as New MAP Agent

The new Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program agent in Dillingham has a lofty agenda. For this week's CoastWise Alaska, we spoke with Bristol Bay resident and new MAP agent, Izetta Chambers.

Caring for Your Catch

Summer is salmon season in Alaska. Chuck Crapo, a salmon quality expert, offers tips to keep that fresh-caught salmon fresh a little longer.

Rebuilding King Crab

In the back of what amounts to a warehouse on Seward's waterfront, the rebirth of the Alaska's once–famous Kodiak Island red king crab fishery is taking shape.

Invasive Species

Alaska's coastal waters can be an inhospitable home for marine creatures not accustomed to icy cold water. But some non-native species are slowly finding the place to their liking. This week's CoastWise Alaska joins the hunt for marine invasive species making their way up the coast.

Cutting Fuel Costs

Last year's record high fuel prices had fishermen fishing less and recreational boaters leaving their boats at the dock. But fuel costs have come down since then. Is saving fuel on our boats passé?


They're little and furry, and deadly. They helped eradicate some 25 million people in Europe—one-third of the population—during the bubonic plague in the 1300s. Now, in the far-flung Aleutian Islands of Alaska, they've created a whole new set of problems.

Alaska Stranding Network

Alaska has some 35,000 miles of coastline. Most if it is quite remote. But even so, people come across stranded and dead marine mammals on a fairly regular basis. What do you do if you spot a whale on the beach?

Responsible Wildlife Viewing

Summer in Alaska tends to bring out our inner photographer. Camera in hand, we're ready to snap a photo of a grizzly bear, whale, or sea lion. But all too often, our zeal to get a photo worthy of National Geographic ends with the animal running, flying, or swimming away. Here are some tips on responsible wildlife viewing.

FishBiz: One-Stop Training for Alaska Fishermen

As more and more Alaska commercial fishermen begin to see their operations in a business light, they’re wanting to learn how to best run those businesses. Here, CoastWise Alaska speaks with one expert who’s showing them the way.