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Arctic Science Journeys Radio (ASJ) was a free service that offered interesting stories about science, culture, and the environment of the far north. Production of these radio stories was suspended in 2005, but we hope you enjoy our archives, offered here. ASJ stories posted here began to include audio files starting in 1998, and a few stories include short video clips.

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Scripts and Audio

ASJ Archives

ASJ stories posted on our Web site began to include audio files starting in 1998, and a few stories include short video clips.


Arctic Science Journeys was heard across Alaska by more than 100,000 people on more than two dozen public and commercial radio stations broadcast to more than 330 communities, including Alaska's three largest cities, Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau. Our goal was to help radio stations broaden their coverage of arctic environmental issues, scientific discoveries, and cultural understanding.

Nationally, the Environmental News Network aired our stories each week. ASJ Radio also was heard on Discovery Channel Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio and Icicle Networks.

Radio stations, production facilities, science websites and freelance science writers used our radio stories as a source of ideas for their own stories. Some of these included National Public Radio's Pulse of the Planet, Discovery Online, ABCNews Online, NPR Science Friday, The Environment Show, and Earthwatch Radio. Finally, several newspapers published the radio scripts as an Arctic Science Journeys column.

Arctic Science Journeys also had an international following, served by the Voice of America. VOA's worldwide audience is estimated at 100 million, and is served through an international network of 2,000 AM and FM stations as well as short-wave radio.

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ASJ was produced by Doug Schneider, former information officer at Alaska Sea Grant