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As glaciers melt, scientists try to figure out how fish will respond

September 15

Glaciers are melting in many parts of the world. Southeast Alaska is no different. In this coastal temperate rainforest, about 30 percent of all water flowing from land to sea is glacial melt. That's expected to increase as the planet warms. But how will fish be affected? An Alaska Sea Grant funded research project aims to find out. Read more in the Juneau Empire. (Kevin Gullufsen/Juneau Empire photo)

Social scientist explores gender and Alaska fisheries

smiling woman holding a halibut

September 13

Changes in rules, prices and the environment have swept Alaska’s multibillion-dollar fishing industry in recent decades. How are fishing families reacting and how are gender roles shifting? A former Alaska Sea Grant State Fellow takes a look.

Training institute grooms future seafood industry leaders

man working in a lab as another looks on

September 11

Seafood is big business in Alaska. To help boost the industry and its leadership careers, Alaska Sea Grant will offer a training program that starts in November. It’s called the Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute.

Everything Alaskans want to know about growing seaweed in our state

2 people in boat hold kelp

September 7

To answer questions Alaskans are asking about the seaweed industry, Alaska Sea Grant’s Gary Freitag wrote a short publication on how to get a permit, setting up kelp lines and tending them on the farm, and hurdles that need solving. Seaweed culture is a promising industry for Alaska.

Kodiak summer interns benefit seafood industry

3 standing people smile

August 31

Three interns at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center reported on project outcomes at a recent seminar. Their work will be used by nutritional supplement marketers, Alaska seafood promoters and seafood processing plants.

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Diary of a National Ocean Sciences Bowl coach

Sunny Rice

October 2016

Each year, Alaska holds a regional competition as part of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. Sunny Rice has co-coached the Petersburg NOSB team every year since 2009.

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