Arctic Science Journeys
1999 Radio Scripts

* What is Wilderness? (a)
* Dances with Voles (a)
* The SAD Part About Winter (a)
* SAD and Schizophrenia (a)
* Seal Hounds (a)

* Future Power (a)
* The Case for Forage Fish (a)
* Research Boosts Qiviut Production (a)
* Peering Through The Leaves (a)
* Indoor Air Pollution (a)

* Subsistence and Art (a)
* Perceptions of Place (a)
* Budding Marine Scientists
* Improving Predictions of Returns
* Caretakering the Pribilofs

* Beluga Whale Committee
* Tools of Ecosystem Management
* Island Rat Patrol!
* Ecosystem Management
* NASA Teams with Alaska Students...

* Sea Otters Rebound in SE Alaska
* EVOS—What Have We Learned?
* EVOS—Has the Sound Recovered?
* Yup'ik, Not English, Spoken Here
* Fishermen Help the Albatross

* People in the Park
* Super! Computer
* Salmon Hold Ecosystem Together
* Dead Salmon Still Migrate
* Tardy Gray Whales

(a) means the script includes an audio version.

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