Rescued spotted seal released in Unalaska


Contact: Reid Brewer, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, 907-581-4589,, profile:
NR: SG-2006/NR242

Unalaska, Alaska—Dill, a six-month-old spotted seal that was found abandoned in June, was returned to the wild September 15, 2006, by officials with the Alaska SeaLife Center.

Dill being carried to shorelineDill was observed alone over five days in June by biologist Reid Brewer, an Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program agent based in Unalaska. Brewer rescued the dehydrated and underweight seal pup and delivered it to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. In the months since, a steady diet of salmon and herring enabled Dill to more than triple his weight from 21 pounds to 70 pounds.

Several dozen residents braved 50 mph winds and driving rain to watch the event. Dill was fitted with a satellite tracking device so scientists can monitor his progress. To see where Dill goes, log onto the ASLC web site,