Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program responds to Unalaska seabird deaths


Contact: Reid Brewer, Agent, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, Unalaska, 907-581-4589,, profile
NR: SG-2006/NR237

shearwaters on shoreline

Unalaska, Alaska—Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program Agent Reid Brewer is helping to collect, tag, and recover carcasses of what are at this time more than 1,600 shearwater seabirds that have washed ashore during the last several days. The count is likely to increase. Brewer is working closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the lead agency on the scene. The cause of the die-off has not been officially determined. However, a commercial fishing vessel reported to authorities that a large group of shearwaters struck their vessel during the night of August 29–30, 2006.

Previous seabird die-offs have occurred in the Bering Sea–Aleutian Islands, and were linked to natural events.