Fishermen's Direct Marketing Manual

New publication from Alaska Sea Grant

28 March 2005

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NR: SG-2005/NB029

Fairbanks, Alaska—If you're a commercial fisherman and thinking of marketing your own catch, the Fishermen's Direct Marketing Manual is for you.

This free publication is packed with lots of advice and suggestions on the pros and cons of direct marketing. Chapters address strategies for distributing seafood, finding domestic and international customers for the catch, packaging and shipping seafood products, the basics of business planning, and other important topics.

The Fishermen's Direct Marketing Manual is based on an earlier edition, titled the Alaska Fisherman's Direct Marketing Manual. The new book has a much wider geographic focus for fishermen in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.

The first printing proved extremely popular, and a second printing is now available that features updated information on Alaska regulatory requirements for direct marketers.

The publication was produced cooperatively by the Alaska, Washington, and Oregon Sea Grant Programs, and was published by the Washington Sea Grant Program.

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