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The latest book of the Alaska Sea Grant sponsored Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposia arrived from the printer this week.

Date: May 20,1999
Contact: Sherri Pristash at 907-474-6707

Washington, D.C. -- "Fishery Stock Assessment Models" is the result of the International Symposium on Fishery Stock Assessment Models for the 21st Century: Combining Multiple Information Sources, held in Anchorage, Alaska, in October 1997. The 1,037-page hardcover volume, with its 55 peer-reviewed papers, brings fisheries modelers up to date on stock assessment models as a research tool. Experts address statistical methods and theory, computer software, modeling multiple data sources, risk, and other aspects of stock assessment research. The book is the fifteenth proceedings published in the Lowell Wakefield Symposium Series. Cost is $40.00. Learn more about the book online, or call Sherri Pristash at 907-474-6707, or toll free from the United States (including Alaska) and Canada, (888) 789-0090.

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