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Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Web Site
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Date: July 1, 1997
Contact: Kurt Byers, Communications Manager, 907-474-6702

FAIRBANKS, Alaska--Are months with an "R," like February, safe for eating shellfish? Is any beach safe to dig clams? What are the signs and treatments for Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP)?

The answer to these questions, along with valuable information about the causes and prevention of PSP, are now available on-line at the Alaska Sea Grant Home Page.

The site can be found at: http://seagrant.uaf.edu/ Or use your Web browser to search for "Alaska Sea Grant."

The Alaska Sea Grant College Program is engaged in research to understand the causes of PSP as well as extension activities to inform and educate the public of the risks associated with eating unsafe shellfish. This new internet site is now available for the public to access information about Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning.

Media wishing to talk to PSP experts are encouraged to call:

  • Ray RaLonde, Aquaculture/Shellfish Specialist, Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, Anchorage, Alaska 907-274-9691.

  • Gerald Plumley, Sea Grant PSP researcher, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 907-474-6786.

The Alaska Sea Grant College Program is a marine research, education and outreach service headquartered at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. It is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in partnership with the state of Alaska and private industry.

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