2007 News Releases

Fishermen collect Alaska red king crab for science

06 December 2007

Eighteen red king crabs harvested by fishermen aboard the FV Stormbird will end up not on the dinner table, but in research labs in Kodiak and Seward. The crabs are part of the Alaska King Crab Research, Rehabilitation and Biology program's second year of research aimed at understanding how to hatch and raise millions of king crab.

Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit II

03 December 2007

The Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program will host young and new Alaska fishermen at the second Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit II, December 11–12 at the Anchorage Sheraton Hotel.

Applications open for Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute 2008

06 November 2007

Career-oriented seafood processing workers are invited to apply to the Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute 2008, a program that offers Alaskans specialized training in leadership, seafood processing, safety and sanitation, marketing and logistics.

Stakeholders talk energy and fishing in North Aleutian Basin

05 November 2007

Interested energy companies, fishermen, Alaska Natives, community leaders, environmentalists and others met last month to begin a dialogue on energy development in the North Aleutian Basin off Alaska. The meeting was aimed at developing an agenda for a larger public meeting scheduled for March 2008 in Anchorage.

UAF, Bodø University create forum for dialogue between North Aleutian stakeholders on fisheries and offshore energy development

09 October 2007

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and Norway's Bodø University announced today an initiative to open a dialogue between offshore oil and gas interests and fisheries stakeholders in Alaska's North Aleutian Basin Planning Area, a 5.6-million-acre region that encompasses most of the southeastern Bering Sea continental shelf and Bristol Bay.

NOAA Fisheries boosts funding for Alaska king crab research

28 September 2007

NOAA Fisheries, through its aquaculture program, has awarded $175,000 to Alaska Sea Grant to continue studies aimed at raising red and blue king crab at the Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery in Seward, Alaska.

Great white sharks in Alaska waters, who knew?

28 September 2007

The Field Guide to Sharks, Skates, and Ratfish of Alaska, published by Alaska Sea Grant, is the most comprehensive guide to Alaska's cartilaginous fishes produced to date.

BP and Alaska Sea Grant boost Arctic science

24 September 2007

BP Alaska and Alaska Sea Grant are helping UAF scientists reclaim abandoned gravel sites on North Slope

Alaska wall calendar more than pretty pictures, it's educational

29 June 2007

The 2008 Alaska Coastal Calendar is pretty pictures, and a whole lot more. This beautiful and informative calendar marks the International Polar Year.

UAF fisheries graduate student chosen as National Sea Grant Knauss Fellow

26 June 2007

Juneau native Seanbob Kelly will spend a year in Washington, D.C., learning about national marine policy and how federal marine resource decisions are made.

Blue king crabs hatch in Alaska research program to rebuild wild stocks

31 May 2007

Nearly two million wild blue king crabs hatched recently at the Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery in Seward. The hatch is part of a program to refine techniques to mass-culture wild blue and red king crabs, techniques that might one day be used to rebuild their stocks and boost commercial fishing opportunities for Kodiak and Pribilof Islands communities.

Teaching children to stay alive when they become lost outdoors

27 March 2007

Anyone can get lost or stranded and thrust into a survival situation in the wilds of Alaska. Alaska Sea Grant has many educational publications and videos focused on helping kids and adults learn how to stay alive while they await rescue.

Bering Strait region gets first Marine Advisory Program agent

13 March 2007

Alaska Sea Grant and the Marine Advisory Program (MAP) welcome Heidi Herter as the new advisory agent for the Bering Strait region. The position is a partnership with the Norton Sound Economic Development Association and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Northwest Campus.

Red king crab eggs hatch in Alaska research program

8 March 2007

The first batch of red king crab have hatched at the Alaska King Crab Research and Rehabilitation Program at the Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery in Seward.

Alaska Sea Grant announces new publications and videos

7 February 2007

Alaska Sea Grant, a longtime publisher of popular marine mammal and fish identification guides, scientific proceedings, and how-to manuals and videos for commercial fishermen, will offer more than a dozen new titles in 2007.

Crab research program prepares for egg hatch

2 February 2007

Alaska Sea Grant's King Crab Research and Rehabilitation Project expects to hatch more than one million red and blue king crab eggs in a project aimed at one day rebuilding their stocks in parts of Alaska.