Arctic Science Journeys
2002 Radio Scripts

*Reindeer Gals
*Ballast Invaders
*Sea Lion Numbers Up
*Boulder Patch
*Counting Chandalar Salmon

*Jello Plankton
*Seamount Oasis
*Life in Ice
*Hidden Ocean
*Science Sub

*Whale Count Results
*Alaska's Melting Glaciers
*Wanted: Killer Whale Sightings
*State of the Sea
*Gray Whale Chow Line—Closed?

*Elephant Seal Slumber
*Steller Sea Lions Say Ahhh
*Disappearing Act

*Saving City Salmon
*Forest Fire Season Begins
*Kodiak's Steller Sea Lions
*Predicting the Sea
*DEET Dilemma

*Wimpy Walrus
*Salmon Boom
*Watch Carefully
*Antarctic Seal Cam
*Too Close for Comfort

*More Than Trees
*Sea Otter Crash
*Gambling on Ice
*Sorting Seals
*California Sea Lions Venture North

*Sea Lion Survival (v)
*Ghost Pots

(v) means video clips are included.

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