Arctic Science Journeys
2001 Radio Scripts

*Right Whale Skeleton
*Bad Air
*Mountains of Change
*Crab Pod (v)
*Salmon Getting Smaller*

*Deep-Sea Coral*
*Laser Fish*
*Fingerprinting Pollock*
*Bears In My Backyard
*Exploring Alaska Seamounts

*Alaska Dinosaur Discovery
*Alaska Fire Research
*Trawling for Answers*
*Kittiwake Contrast*
*Mercury in Pike*

*Whale Count
*Morel Hunting
*Climate Confusion

*Alaska Feels the Heat*
*Alaska Getting Shrubbier
*Insuring Alaska's Salmon Crop
*Crested Auklets
*What Walrus Eat* (v)

*Plankton Bloom*
*Sick Salmon
*Bubble Gum Walrus (v)
*Salmon May Move North
*Polar Bears Change Diet

*Archiving Alaska's Insects
*Industry Funds Sea Lion Science
*Endangered Wildlife Trade
*Nuke Plan Threatens Arctic

*Humans Cause Climate Warming
*Green Seafood
*Alaska Marine Species List
*New Crabs in Alaska

(v) means video clips are included.
* = North Pacific Marine Research Program

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