Smoked Seafood School

Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center (KSMSC)

Kodiak, Alaska

Instructors: Chris Sannito and Brian Himelbloom

Workshop schedule

Smoked Seafood School

October 12–13, 2017
Kodiak, Alaska
Contact: Chris Sannito

About the Smoked Seafood School

The workshop is for anyone interested in smoking and processing fish, including home fish-smoking enthusiasts, small smokehouse operators, fishermen interested in direct marketing their fish, and commercial operators. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the workshop.

Lectures and hands-on activities will include

Please see the sample agenda [PDF; 122 KB] for more details.

Maximum workshop capacity is 15 participants, and minimum number of participants is 10. Workshop organizers feel it is important that each participant has the opportunity to actively participate in every hands-on activity in the KSMSC pilot plant.

Participants must wear closed-toe shoes (preferably waterproof) at the pilot plant. Aprons, gloves and hairnets will be provided.

Contact for workshop agenda and activities

Chris Sannito, 907-486-1535,

Contact for payment and registration questions

Marine Advisory Program office, 907-274-9691 or