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Marine Conservation and Education

Marine Mammals

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Shellfish Aquaculture Conference,

December 3–4, 2004, Anchorage

Business and Marketing

Financial Management for Shellfish Farmers

November 7, 2008 - Anchorage

Sitka Seafood Marketing Workshops

October 25-26, 2008 - Anchorage

Business of Fish - Online Classes

September 16-December 9, 2008 - Anchorage

Intro to Direct Marketing

June 12, 2008 - Elfin Cove

Financial Management for Shellfish Farmers

November 1-2, 2007 - Anchorage

Seafood Business and Marketing

November 5, 2007 - Cordova

Seafood Business and Marketing

October 25-26, 2007 - Sitka

Seafood Business and Marketing

October 22-23, 2007 - Nome

Direct Marketing for Fishermen in Cook Inlet

June 11-13, 2007 - Kenai/Homer

ABUS 193 Seafood Direct Marketing

March 9 - April 13, 2007 Dillingham and Boston

Small Business Workshops

Feb 22-24, 2006 , Quinhagak

Feb. 24, 25, Mar 21-24, April 13 & 14 - Bethel

Feb. 27 & 28, Mar. 1 - Emmonak

Seafood Marketing Workshop,

February 13–14, 2006, Naknek

Village Based Entrepreneurship courses [PDF of catalog page]
offered by UAF Bristol Bay Campus, Dillingham (March 27, 2004—March 25, 2005)

ABUS151A: Planning Your Business (9/27/04–11/16/04)

An eight-week distance-delivered class exploring methods of creating a successful business. Offered in partnership with Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation and the Bristol Bay Campus Business Programs.

ABUS151B: Running Your Business (11/16/04–1/25/05)

An eight-week distance-delivered class offering accounting and management principles for a successful business. Offered in partnership with Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation and the Bristol Bay Campus Business Programs.

ABUS151C: Seafood Processing (1/25/05–3/25/05)

Eight weeks of distance-delivered information leading to a HACCP certification and two weeks of practical experience in a processing plant. Offered in partnership with Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, Bristol Bay Campus Business Programs and Indian Valley Meats.

Seafood Processor Business Development Training,

Sept. 27–Oct. 15, 2004, Kenai

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for Farmers and Fishermen,

Through June 30, 2004 Statewide

Seafood Processor Business Development Training

Jan–Feb 2004, Prince William Sound Community College

Community Development

Climate Change Adaptation Workshop

November 16-18 - Fairbanks

FEE Training Workshop

August 12-14, 2008 - Petersburg

Alaska Fishing Communities Conference

October 15-16, 2008 - Anchorage

Alaska Natives and Rural Alaskans in Fisheries and Marine Science Careers

October 23 & 24, 2006, Anchorage

Alaska's Fishing Communities: Harvesting the Future

September 21–22, 2006, Anchorage

Coastal Hazards Seminar

August 9, 2006, Dillingham

Home Canning Workshop,

June 21, 2006, Dillingham

Managing Fisheries—Empowering Communities,

April 21–23, 2005, Anchorage

Fishery management regulations can have a ripple effect in coastal communities. This conference is designed to help Alaskans develop an understanding of the potential impacts of fishery management regulations on coastal communities and recommend issues and methods for fishery managers to use in considering communities when adopting new regulations or management programs. To he held in Anchorage, Alaska. Sponsored by NOAA Fisheries, North Pacific Fishery Management Council, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, University of Alaska Marine Advisory Program, and Alaska Sea Grant.

Capacity Building of Rural Alaskans in Fisheries/Environmental Monitoring and Research,

December 6, 2004, Anchorage

Local tribal and community groups, agencies and universities shared information, resources and ideas about building capacity of rural residents working in fisheries research and/or environmental monitoring.


Marine Refrigeration

April 21, 2008 - Cordova/Petersburg

Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit II

December 9-11, 2007, Anchorage

Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit

January 25–26, 2007, Anchorage

Net Mending & Net Hanging Class

September 25–29, 2006, Cordova

Onboard Freezing Workshop

February 10, 2006, Petersburg

The Future of Alaska's Salmon Returns

April 21, 2003, Anchorage

This Tools for the Salmon Industry workshop focused on what the future holds for run strengths of Alaska's salmon populations statewide. Recent and prehistoric changes in run sizes, their possible causes, our ability to predict returns, and the effects of fluctuations on fisheries were examined.

Enhancing the Marketing and Quality of Alaska's Salmon Fisheries

January 27–28, 2003, Anchorage

Upgrading the quality of the Alaska salmon product and competing more effectively in the global marketplace are two fundamental challenges to our industry. The goal of this Tools for the Salmon Industry workshop is to examine new ideas and new directions for the industry—offered both by those within the fish business and by individuals involved in marketing other products.

Options for Restructuring Alaska's Salmon Fisheries,

October 28–29, 2002, Anchorage

The goal of this Tools for the Salmon Industry workshop was to explore options for restructuring Alaska's salmon fisheries, and their potential implications. The workshop took a long-term view of restructuring options, exploring not only changes that could be made easily within a short period of time, but also those that might be more difficult and might take longer.


Marine Conservation and Education

Field Biology - Northwest Arctic Career Technical Education Center

August 11-16, 2008, Nome

Bristol Bay Off Shore Exploration Planning

April 24, 2007, Dillingham

Coastal Hazards Seminar

August 9, 2006, Dillingham

Aleutian Life Forum

August 10-13, 2006, Unalaska

Bristol Bay Hydrocarbon Exploration Meeting

May 22, 2006, Dillingham

Oil and Gas Leasing Panel Discussion,

April 12, 2005, Dillingham

An Alaska Resource Issues Forum panel.

The Selendang Ayu and the Future of Shipping Safety—Public Forum,

March 29, 2005, Anchorage

The Forum will consist of two parts: 1. Selendang Ayu Incident - the State of Alask and US Coast Guard will present an overview of what has transpired to date, and what is planned this spring/summer regarding this particular incident. 2. Future of Shipping Safety - panel discussion of potential measures to reduce the risk/improve the safety of merchang shipping through the Aleutians/ southern Bering Sea - State of Alaska, Coast Guard, and others.

Marine Mammals

Wildlife Wednesday Talk - Walrus and I: Notes and Observations from the Walrus Islands

Terry Johnson - Anchorage April 14, 2010 - Alaska Zoo.

Marine Mammals and Fishermen: Coexisting in Alaska's Waters?

February 22, 2006, Anchorage

How fishermen can coexist with various species of marine mammals, and what methods of deterrence are effective, legal and safe.

Seafood Processing, Technology and Quality

Marine Refrigeration - Safety, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

April 21, 2008, Cordova

April 23, 2008, Petersburg

HACCP Training (ongoing)

May 18, 2008, (Sanitation), Bethel

May 15, 2008, (Sanitation), Indian Valley

May 12-14, 2008, Indian Valley

May 5-7, 2008, Bethel

May 1, 2008, (Sanitation), Indian Valley

April 28-30, 2008, Anchorage

March 14, 2008 (Sanitation), Indian Valley

March 10-13, 2008, Indian Valley

February 7,8,9, 2008, Anchorage

February 11, 2008 (Sanitation), Anchorage

International Smoked Seafood Conference

March 5–7, 2007, Anchorage

Smoked Seafood Workshop

March 8–10, 2007, Indian

Better Process Control School

February 5, 6, 7, 2007, Anchorage

HACCP Training (ongoing)

May 7-11, Bethel

May 2-3, 2007, Petersburg

May 1 , 2007, Wrangell

April 16 - 19, 2007, Anchorage

March 29-31, 2007, Cordova

February 8, 9, 10, 2007, Anchorage

February 12, 2007 (Sanitation), Anchorage

Learn how to monitor seafood processing operations using the HACCP program regulation guidelines. Follow link for details.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)

February 13, 14, 15, 2007, Anchorage

Fisherman's Quality Training Workshop (with YRDFA)

May 22-26, 2006, Lower Yukon River communities

Commercially Canned Products

May 4–5, 2006, Naknek and Dillingham

Onboard Quality Handling

April 25–28, 2006, Petersburg, Wrangell and Cordova

Commercial Smoked Seafood Products,

April 4–5, 2006, King Salmon and Dillingham

Pacific Fisheries Technologists 57th Annual Meeting,

March 5–8, 2006, Anchorage

Sessions on aquaculture and feed, seafood microbiology, seafood biochemistry, seafood processing and engineering, waste byproducts, and regulatory issues; panel session on new issues on salmon canning and a poster session of several research projects.

Roe Workshop,

September 26, 2005, Dillingham

Workshop for those interested in processing salmon roe.

Son of Nuts and Bolts of Seafood Processing Workshop

February 15–16, 2006, Naknek

Onboard Freezing Workshop

February 10, 2006, Petersburg

Introduction to Seafood Processing

March 21–25, 2005

A five-day intensive class for anyone interested in the seafood processing business. Covers food safety, food quality, regulations, fish handling by species, bleeding, dressing, heading, chilling and freezing fish, product forms, hot and cold fish smoking, jerky production, packaging and business considerations.

Nuts and Bolts of Seafood Processing

April 2004, Dillingham

This three-day workshop covered the nuts and bolts of owning and operating a fish processing facility and included a round-table discussion with industry experts and fish processors.

Public Seafood Processing/Cold Storage Facility Workshop,

November 2003, Anchorage

A workshop on the costs and potential gains of a public cold storage facility.

2nd International Seafood Byproduct Conference,

November 10–13, 2002, Anchorage

A four-day conference in Anchorage looking at fish byproduct utilization and fish waste disposal issues and how they relate to the survivability and sustainability of fishing industries.


Responsible Wildlife Viewing


Hookah Safety for Divers and Tenders

May 19-21, 2008, Savoonga

Coastal Hazards Seminar

August 9, 2006, Dillingham