Past workshop

Dillingham Fish Processing Workshop

7–9 April 2004
Bingo Hall

Contact: Liz Brown,

This workshop covered the nuts and bolts of owning and operating a fish processing facility. Industry experts and fish processors participated in a round-table discussion of their experiences.

workshop participants Participants in the fish processing workshop


(See below for participant affiliations.)

Hjalmer "Ofi" Olson and Glen Haight

Quentin Fong, Greg Favretto, and Laura Fleming

Business Plans
Pam Hagan, Doug Drum, and Bob Waldrop

Resource Sharing
Marcus Hartley, Michael Reeve, and Rick Tennyson

Financing Sources
Alice Ruby, Jason Evans, and Marcus Hartley

Liz Brown, Duff Mitchell, and Greg Favretto

Product Development
Duff Mitchell, Bob Waldrop, and Doug Drum

Design and Construction
Doug Drum, Duff Mitchell, and Greg Favretto

Feasibility Studies
Bob Waldrop, Marcus Hartley. and Doug Drum

Bob Leingang and George Briggs

Business Management/Operations
Duff Mitchell, Greg Favretto, Bob Leingang, and Bob Waldrop

Effects on Communities
Glen Haight and Chris Napoli

MAP agent Liz Brown Marine Advisory Program agent Liz Brown

Participant affiliations

George Briggs – Dillingham Chamber of Commerce
Liz Brown – Marine Advisory Program, UAF
Doug Drum – Indian Valley Meats
Jason Evans – Alaska Growth Capital
Greg Favretto – FAVCO Seafoods
Laura Fleming – Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Quentin Fong – Marine Advisory Program, UAF
Pam Hagan – Bristol Bay Campus, UAF
Glenn Haight – Dept. of Community and Economic Development
Marcus Hartley – Northern Economics
Lee Johnson – L. Johnson and Associates
Bob Leingang – Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation
Duff Mitchell – Kake Foods
Chris Napoli – City of Dilllingham
Hjalmar "Ofi" Olson – Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Michael Reeve– Reeve Transportation Services
Alice Ruby – Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation
Rick Tennyson – Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation
Bob Waldrop – Red Point Associates