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2016 Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit

Special thanks to these organizations for their generous support

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CoBank is a national cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America, including commercial fishermen.

Special thanks to these groups for sponsoring participants


AYFS would not be possible without the amazing skills and energy of Alaska Sea Grant colleagues Beverly Bradley, Dawn Montano, Terri Schimmack, Carol Kaynor, Jared Dillbeck, Deborah Mercy, Dave Partee, Sue Keller, and Adie Callahan. Additional contributions have been made by Gold Town Nickelodeon, LFS Cordova and Alex Kotlarov.

Would you like to be an AYFS sponsor?

The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit relies on the generous support of fishing associations, individual skippers, economic development groups and related businesses. You can be part of AYFS in one of two ways: by helping sponsor an individual participant in your fishery or organization, or by donating directly to the summit.

  1. Sponsor a participant. If you know a promising young fisherman who you believe could be a future fishing leader, why not approach them about helping to sponsor their way to the summit? You could offer to help with lodging costs, cover their registration fees, use donated miles to get them to Juneau, or pay their entire way. Helping them out in this way signals your belief in their potential and your interest in their future success. Sponsors are acknowledged on the participant’s nametag and on the printed conference agenda. You can download this flyer to help in your recruiting or contact us for other ideas and information about sponsoring a specific young fisherman.
  2. Donate to the summit. In order to keep AYFS financially accessible to young fishermen, we keep registration costs well below the actual cost of the event. We also offer several scholarships to help cover travel expenses for selected attendees. Your donation to the summit, at one of several levels of giving, can help us continue to keep the summit accessible. Contributors are acknowledged in all printed conference materials, on this website, and on the AYFS Facebook page.

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