HACCP (Sitka March 2014)

Seafood Producers Cooperative Building
Sitka, Alaska
March 5–6, 2014

Contact: Chris Sannito, csannito@alaska.edu

The HACCP Workshop will be conducted at the Seafood Producers Cooperative Building at 507 Katlian St. by Chris Sannito, CEO of Kodiak-based Sun'aq Tribal Enterprises. The registration fee for this class is $150.00.

(HACCP Segment 2 is $50.00 and is available to those who take the online course through the National Seafood HACCP Alliance for Training and Education. Participants take the online course but come to the final day of HACCP in person. For more information see the Seafood HACCP Alliance Internet Training Course.)

HACCP is a process that has been established for seafood processing to prevent foodborne illness. This workshop helps Alaska seafood processors set up and carry out this federally mandated program. For more information on HACCP see the HACCP Alaska Workshops web page.