HACCP (Kodiak June 2013)

Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center
Kodiak, Alaska
June 4–6, 2013

Contact: Izetta Chambers, izetta.chambers@alaska.edu

Dr. Brennan Smith, Asst. Professor Seafood Science and Technology, Chris Sanito, CEO of Kodiak-based Sun'aq Tribal Enterprises, and Izetta Chambers, Dillingham MAP Agent will be conducting a HACCP Workshop at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center. The registration fee for this class is $120.00. (HACCP Segment 2 is $50.00 and is available to those who take the online course through the National Seafood HACCP Alliance for Training and Education. Participants take the online course but come to the final day of HACCP in person. For more information go to www.marineadvisory.org/haccp/index.html.