field bioNorth Pacific Marine Education and Training Program Workshop

Building the Framework for Providing Pathways to Careers in Fisheries and Marine Sciences

Working meeting for NOAA/NPFMC policy makers and Alaskan educators, stakeholders and employers

October 14 -15, 2010
University of Alaska Anchorage Commons, Room 107 - map of campus

Final Report [pdf; 492kb]

Background Information

Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act -Section 305(j) [pdf; 60kb]

RFQ - NOAA/NMFS - North Pacific Marine Education and Training Program Workshop [pdf; 36kb]

Workshop Information

Travel Information

Workshop Invitation [pdf; 168kb]

Agenda (10/13/10)

Photo Gallery (Day 1)

Photo Gallery (Day 2)

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The Alaska Marine Science and Fisheries Career Coalition is an informal partnership of Alaskan stakeholders, educational groups and employers who share the common vision of "Alaska Natives and rural Alaskans will pursue education toward professional career sin fisheries, marine and ocean sciences and will be employed in these fields in Alaska at levels equal to their demograpic representation in the state."