boating without the boysBoating Without the Boys

Boating without the Boys is a recreational boating safety course for women who want to operate small vessels in Alaskan waters. It is also an excellent course for women that generally rely on the expertise of other boating companions, but want to be prepared to take over in case of an emergency. Taught by women with extensive local boating experience, the course will cover practical and safety information specific to the area and to Alaska's cold waters. Safety topics covered include hypothermia, person overboard, heat saving positions in the waters, types and uses of PFD's, weather, risk assessment and emergency signals. We'll also cover practical information like anchoring out your boat, small engine emergency repair, knots, and backing down the boat ramp.

July 31 - August 1, 2010
Petersburg, Alaska

For more information Contact Sunny Rice at 772-3381 or

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