Technical Support Workshop and Development Summit for Community Quota Entities (CQE)


This workshop is intended to provide technical support for Community Quota Entities (CQE). Experts in non-profit governance, finance, regulatory issues in quota fisheries, lease management, accounting, and other relevant topics will make presentations and be accessible for brief consultations

An additional element will be to provide a forum for CQE participants to share and discuss issues of concern and strategies for CQE development and operations.

Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, The North Pacific Fisheries Trust, and the Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition are the co-sponsors of the workshop.

The general focus is on the communities of the Gulf of Alaska participating in the Community Quota Entity program. Community Quota Entities, or CQEs, are now authorized for the 42 communities in the Gulf of Alaska. Nineteen communities have set up CQEs and are now looking for capital to purchase quota. The North Pacific Fisheries Trust is set up to address the primary obstacle CQEs face, the cost of capital. Financial issues aside, CQEs are a brand new set of organizations tasked with managing a relatively complex set of assets and relationships; leasing halibut and black cod quota in local communities. To help CQEs be successful, including enhancing their capacity to build equity, we also need to support their organization development so they can function as intended.

The specific audience for the workshop is intended to be current managers of existing CQE organizations. Key invitees will be individuals who are responsible for policy, decision-making, management or oversight (board of directors) of CQEs.