Technical Support Workshop and Development Summit for Community Quota Entities (CQE)

February 17-18, 2009 • Captain Cook Hotel- Anchorage


Tuesday, February 17, 2009 - Captain Cook Hotel

8:30 am Gather for Coffee/Breakfast
9:00 am

Welcome - Introductions -Purpose - Review Agenda Ed Backus, North Pacific Fisheries Trust

9:30 am

Brief overview of CQE status to date, operations and issues Gale Vick, GOAC3 and others

10:00 am Short Break
10:15 am

Financing and quota pricing issues (exploration of relationships with umbrella organizations such as native corporations, emergence of new federal program, etc.)[pdf: 432kb] Jeff Batton North Pacific Fisheries Trust, Justin Stiefel, consultant.

11:00 am Leasing and lease management strategies (exploring the models and options that exist and how they have operated to date – e.g. lottery, new entrant, first come-first served, etc.) Melissa Berns, Cape Barnabas, Inc.
12:00pm Lunch provided on-site

NOAA/NMFS regulatory and reporting issues.[pdf: 246kb]Jessica Gharrett, NOAA Fisheries, Restricted Access Management

2:00 pm

Market issues and Direct marketing of harvests, Greg Fisk, Seafisk Consulting and Management

3:00 pm

Non-profit governance and management (board responsibilities, fiduciary issues, tax filings, bylaws and compliance, etc.) [pdf: 314kb]Mike Walsh, Foraker Group

3:45 pm

Short Break

4:00 pm

University of Alaska, Anchorage CQE tech support project, Steve Langdon, UAA - Department of Anthropology

5:00 pm


Wednesday, January 18, 2009 - Captain Cook Hotel

8:30 am Gather for Coffee/Breakfast
9:00 am

Welcome - Review agenda for the day Ed Backus/Gail Vick

9:15 am

CQE Forum – Strategies, Hurdles, Operations Mike Walsh, Facilitator

  • How can we further the program objectives for CQEs?
  • How do we create efficiencies for CQEs
  • What additional sources of capital and finance can be found?
  • What types of quota acquisition tactics are there and how do we execute those?


10:15 am

Short Break

10:30 am

CQE Forum - Continues


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Lunch Provided