Business of Fish Course: Lowering Your Fishing Fuel Bill

March 24, 2009, 12:00 – 1:50 pm

High fuel prices in 2008 hit the Alaska seafood industry like a ton of bricks, exposing one of its greatest weaknesses – reliance on fossil fuels. Not only is the fishing industry wholly dependant on fuel to move its equipment, but more and more, consumers are asking how much fossil fuels are used to bring the food to market. There are a number of techniques that will reduce fuel usage on commercial fishing vessels. Experts in the field will stop by and talk about these tools, how they are used, and tips on maximizing their efficiency.


Torie Baker, MAP Agent, Cordova
Greg Fisk, SeaFisk Consulting
Glenn Haight, Marine Advisory Program, UAF
(Additional presenters will be announced when confirmed.)


Powerpoint slideshow with talking points
Sea Grant’s Tips to Reducing Your Energy Usage
(Additional material listed as developed)

Class Location

UATV Studio, Egan Library, UAS Campus, Juneau, Alaska

Free registration

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