Business of Fish Course: Is Direct Marketing Right for You?

February 3, 2009, 12:00 – 1:50 pm

Fisherman direct marketing creates a "buzz" in the fishing industry. Fishermen wonder if they would be better off moving their own product to market rather than simply delivering to a processor. This workshop looks at various aspects of getting started including personal self evaluation exercises, how to scope out the business opportunity through a SWOT analysis, and techniques and tools to determine if the business venture is any more profitable than a traditional fishing operation.


Glenn Haight, Marine Advisory Program, UAF


Powerpoint slideshow with talking points
Draft Direct Market Pro Forma Spreadsheet
A Getting Started Workbook
The Fishermen's Direct Marketing Manual
Fall 2007 Fish Entrepreneur Newsletter
Fall 2008 Fish Entrepreneur Newsletter

Class Location

UATV Studio, Egan Library, UAS Campus, Juneau, Alaska

Free registration

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Following registration, participants will receive copies of the material and access to the online class site. If workshop participants would like material prior to the live class, registration is advisable at least one week prior to class time to allow for shipping.

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