Business of Fish Course: Starting a Seafood Cooperative

February 10, 2009, 12:00 – 1:50 pm

While agriculture cooperatives are major players in the US agriculture industry, the same is not true in the wild capture seafood industry. Following the format of the Alaska Sea Grant publication, Developing Cooperatives for the Alaska Seafood Industry, the authors guide participants through the basics of a cooperative, successes in the seafood industry and agricultural sector, reasons for failure, pros and cons of cooperatives over other organizational structures, and cooperative management tips and techniques.


Andrew Crow, Institute of Social and Economic Research, UAA
Hans Geier, Cooperative Extension, UAF
Glenn Haight, Marine Advisory Program, UAF
(Additional presenters will be announced when confirmed.)


Powerpoint slideshow with talking points
Developing Cooperatives for the Alaska Seafood Industry
Sample Cooperative Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

Class Location

UATV Studio, Egan Library, UAS Campus, Juneau, Alaska

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